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a year ago

This is so much better than the RT miracle sponge. It looks small but when wet it expands to an advantages size for applying foundation. The sculpting sponge is softer and less porous than the orange sponge which always felt heavy as though there was still water inside. it's also easier to hold, (I use the small end like a handle for foundation and flip it around for concealer. While the miracle sponge felt awkward this sponge lays down product really well and gets around the curves of my face with ease.

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3 years ago

I had been using the BB but ended up buying this because I couldn't bring myself to spend all that money again on a sponge. This sponge is marketed for contouring/highlighting but I use it for my foundation and concealer. I'm really liking it so far, and I don't notice a difference in the finish of my foundation. It takes some getting used to because of the shape although, I think I now prefer the shape over the tear-drop shape. I love the triangle/pointy end for my concealer. I highly recommend this if you don't want to spend $20 on a sponge! Update- It started falling apart in the middle so I stopped using it to apply my foundation. I now use it to apply my loose powder in my t-zone and I really like it for that. I won't repurchase just because it started falling apart after a month of using it. Well, I might repurchase and use it strictly for applying loose powder... will update if I do decide to repurchase. Update- never ended up repurchasing this. Not worth it for me because of how quickly it started tearing up.

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3 years ago

Great sponge for only $5.99+tax (CDN), I actually prefer this over the BB. It's a fraction of the cost and applies foundation/concealer/powder just as well. Although it is marketed for highlighting and contouring, I use it for foundation & concealer. Obviously you can use it however you like, but that is the main purpose of how I use the sponge. Size: Despite differences in dimension, the size of the RT sponge is very comparable to the BB, wet or dry. Density: I find that the RT sponge is more dense than the BB. I personally prefer this as this allows you to really work the product(s) into your skin. Blendability: Blends just as well as the BB sponge whether it is with foundation or concealer. I do not find that it soaks up more or less product than the BB. Application: I use the flat large side for foundation and powder application. For concealer, and contouring, I will use the smaller angled flat side as it has a smaller surface area, allowing for better concentration of product(s). I haven't cleaned the sponge yet, but I'm assuming it will be quite comparable to the BB. Price: $5.99CDN...which I think, is the selling point of this product especially since I will be replacing a new one every couple of months. I will most definitely repurchase this over the BB and recommend this as it does quite an amazing job for a fraction of a BB.

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