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3 years ago

I got this at a really good price at ULTA and all I can say is I am in love. I had Too Faced in Natural eyes and Matte eyes and had been using those for a few months. Then I purchased a smashbox collection of mattes and really like that so when I saw this on sale-I was there! I always use a primer under my shadows and this palette made my eyes look like all those women you admire because their shadow is so perfect. I love the brush. I love that I can use it for liner. I couldn't be more thrilled with a product. I would definitely recommend.

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3 years ago

Well, I love the packaging. That's nice. This palette performed great wet for brows and liners. Pretty impressive for that, really. If you're looking st a palette for that this would be a great one. But alas, I was looking for good matte eyeshadows. I had returned Too Faced Matte Eyes because it wasn't very pigmented and didn't show up well. That palette is light years ahead of this one in pigment, though. This went back in a day. I have brow and liner stuff already. The palette swatches wonderfully, which led to me choosing this one over the buxom singles, plus there is a much greater selection of matte browns of varying (supposed) intensity in this palette. Once I had scratched through the top layer, I did get a decent transition color. I really had to dig my brush in and push it around the pan though, even for that. It is flat out impossible to get something even remotely deep enough for an outer v out of this. Even wet, it was hard and I don't care for having to wet shadows to get any pigment out of them. I had previously had the Smashbox Full exposure palette. The mattes were the only saving grace in that palette, so I thought this would be a no brainer. Apparently the formula has changed. I am going to try Shade and Light to supply my stash with some good matte browns. Hopefully that works out better! Note for those on the matte palette hunt: I have Naked2 Basics and it's a solid little palette. Very gray though. I like gray, but if that's not your thing, I would steer clear. I thought about the regular basics, but with a medium skin tone, I think only one or two of the shades would work for me. The original Tartelette palette was ok, but the In Bloom was more impressive blending wise. Plus, the Tartelette leans purple, which I have a ton of.

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3 years ago

I have tried Smashbox eye shadows and although the shadows are excellent, some can be too glittery. So I said "yes please" to this collection of mattes and think it's a great everyday assortment of some neutral browns and taupes with a few other colors thrown in for interest. The formula works great for both the eyes and eyebrows, it blends out good on the eyes and stays in place on the brows and also when used as an eyeliner with a damp brush. Some of the browns are very close to each other in color, but that's not a concern to me because it just means more pans of product to use. I have taken this on a trip and even used the lightest brown shade for contouring. I highly recommend this for mature eyes as well, pair it with a good primer and you will get no creasing whatsoever. I also bought the Matte Exposure palette and am doing a different review. If I were to pick either one or the other, I definitely prefer the Photo Matte Eyes palette because the Matte Exposure has more darker shades that are harder to work with. I am back after 6 months or so to update... I have, since getting this palette, tried several other matte palettes, such as Tarte tartelette, Stila's eatw in mind and Becca onbre nudes. In comparison I have been finding the Smashbox not as good of a performer as far as bendability and longevity, so I take off a star and change it to "would not purchase it again". It's the bomb for eyebrows and ok for crease-work and/or transition shades, but I am not getting any variety of looks from it, the 7 different shades of brown and find that the pink shade on the left doesn't offer enough contrast and the silver shade is just plain unusable. I am also finding the pans are beginning to harden and the shadow more difficult to pick up on the brush, but I have been using it daily for months to do my brows, so perhaps the longevity of this formula is poor. Don't get me wrong, this is definitely worthy if you happen to score one on sale, and the brush is decent too, but I think as far as a workable and versatile set of matte shades, there are better offerings out there.

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3 years ago

Well honestly... at first I really hated this palette because the shadow came on very patchy once... but with a good eye primer I absolutely love this!!!! as long as I apply primer before- it goes on smoothly and beautiful!!! Love

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3 years ago

Contains 14 cool and warm toned Matte shadows with a double ended shadow/brow brush for a total of $78 (AUD) at Mecca Maxima. I've been using this palette every day for a week and I'm really enjoying it so far. The palette compliments many skin tones and works well for filling in the eyebrows too since a few of the shadows are cool toned and you don't end up with red/brown eyebrows. They blend out very well and last pretty long, lasts after 12 hours even when I apply it on my lower lash line.

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