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a year ago

Got a travel pack of these in my Target Beauty Box and brought them on vacation. While they smell nice (big caution to anyone sensitive to lavender!!) they really didn't remove my makeup any better than the average baby wipe. The towelettes are gentle and soft, but it kind of defeats the purpose when you have to rub them pretty firmly to get all your eye makeup off. There just isn't much moisture or slip to them, even when the third or fourth ingredient is olive. For something so average, and even sub-standard for the price, there is no reason to choose these over other options at the drugstore (even other "natural" brands.) Pass.

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2 years ago

These are a nice size, just a little smaller than a facial tissue and paper thin. The wipes are too dry, I think they would work a lot better with more moisture. Has a natural geranium scent but I dislike the scent of geranium essential oil so not a plus for me. They effectively remove my eye makeup and most of my mascara. Removed my waterproof eyeliner. DId not remove all of my foundation. Overall, an average product.

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3 years ago

These were a little dried out when I received them, so I didn't feel like they were removing anything very well. They smell nice though, and I appreciate the brands use of natural, non-irritating ingredients. Not sure I will try them again.

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4 years ago

I LOOOOVE these makeup remover wipes. I find most makeup remover wipes to be very rough on my skin, but these are so soft and gentle. They don't have a bad fragrance they smell natural/organic. I haven't had any problems with my skin breaking out or anything like that, these wipes are great for sensitive skin. They also remove makeup very well, especially eye makeup. I use these all the time, they are great for when you are in a hurry and need to take off your makeup without having to wash your whole face. They are also very reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend these makeup remover wipes, especially for people with sensitive skin like me!

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