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9 months ago

I like some MO products, including the ones for volume, but this one was a fail for me. Upon first application (at the length of my hair, not the roots) I saw some modest results. Slightly extra "oomph" but nothing major. But after using it a few times it began to build up on my hair, big time. The lotion really clings to it so you'll need to work hard to remove it. So the minor effect isn't really worth it to me because of having to shampoo twice to get rid of it!

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9 months ago

I might be the only person in the world who is not that keen on MO products fragrance but luckily it is quite faint here. The packaging is beautiful, with a very handy pump and in a jolly teal/sea blue colour (hopefully recyclable too!). Sadly these two above are the most flattering things I can say about this product because it does not volumise my hair whatsoever. It says on the packaging that it gives 'increased dimension' and I would describe the effect as that exactly - I look like I have a bit more hair and it seems to be holding shape for several hours. My thin, delicate hair simply cannot be left on its own, it needs to have some product in it, preferably one that is also heat protecting because I always dry it on a round brush (also by Maroccan Oil, I'm a sucker for that jolly blue colour!) to give it maximum volume. I have fine hair but lots of it and after two years of growing out a pixie cut it is now chin length cut in a blunt bob. It need some oomph at the roots and sadly this product does not help with that. It gives smoothness, a bit of shine and barely detectable grit but to achieve any volume I need to treat my roots with a blast of texturising spray. Hair with this product becomes very soft which I don't really like and I cannot stretch my blowout for another day, it needs to be washed in the morning and styled from scratch all over again otherwise it looks dull and flat. I have an impression that the product weighs my hair down very slightly if I'm using it two-three days in a row. My hair has lots of flyways when I style with it so my small and forgotten bottle of their treatment in Light comes very handy to tame the frizz of the bottom layers and preventing me from having an A shape hairstyle. It was quite expensive for about £20 and I was expecting much more from the brand but maybe I just need a fresh haircut.

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2 years ago

This dried out my hair. I love most Moroccanoil products and have been using the Moroccanoil light for over a year. My stylist turned me onto this because of my fine hair. It does the job of thickening your hair but it dried my hair out. I won't repurchase.

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3 years ago

This stuff works well in giving me volume while helping to maintain my natural wave so that would be 5 stars. However, I get almost identical results from OGX Bamboo Fiber Full Thickening Fiber Cream for a fraction of the price = deducted 1 lippie. Will I re-purchase? No - will stick w/ OGX for the price difference.

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4 years ago

Why hasn't this been reviewed yet?! It's pretty fantastic and I will never go without it. I have thin, fine naturally dark blonde hair that I highlight with bleach. It seems like the older I get, the thinner my hair becomes. It's pretty depressing. I've always had fine hair but I had a lot of it. I love MoroccanOil products because the smell is to die for in my opinion. I use the shampoo and conditioner and mask not because it works the best, but because it works OK but I need my hair to smell like that. I tried this, hoping it would not make my hair dry, crusty, crunchy, tangle since that's what most thickening products seem to do with fine hair, but it didn't. It actually feels hydrating (lightly, not heavily) and it makes my hair feel soft. When I get done drying it, I can't believe what I see and feel! I reach back and touch my hair and it feels noticeably thicker. It looks thicker. It styles nicer. I'm not one to style my hair every day because I'm busy and I can't. But a little nickel size of this and my hair instantly looks better because it's thicker. And of course it has that amazing MoroccanOil smell. If you have fine, thin hair, this is going to be your favorite.

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