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1 month ago

This is my HG sunscreen. Ive used Thinksport also. The only difference is the scent; Thinkbaby is fruitier while Thinksport is citrusy. 20% zinc (non nano) is the primary sun protection ingredient. Aloe juice is high on the list which makes perfect sense to soothe skin.

This leaves a noticeable whitish cast which i prefer because i can see the protection. It brightens my skin and tones down the sallowness, which looks actually nice. It’s very durable and waterproof (up to 80 mins) and does not wipe off easily. I do not have problems washing it off in the shower nor do i double cleanse to get it off.

Cheap - off amazon around $12-19 for 6 oz. It’s a big bottle.

I use three pea sized drops for my face and neck. One for forehead and upper cheeks/under eye …
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The good thing was that this product didn’t bring me out in blisters and hives like most other sunscreens I have tried. The bad thing was that it didn’t give me any sun protection! I wasn’t out for that long and I got burnt! And I was smothered in the stuff!!!
Ugh, back to the drawing board for me.

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If I hadn't finally realized after multiple attempts at all natural sunscreen that I am clearly allergic to Zinc, then this product would have gotten five lippies!! It smells amazing like papaya, it goes on clear and only starts to show a bit of a white sheen after multiple applications in a day. Its reasonably priced for an all natural sunscreen, and it rates 1 on the EWG skin deep website …Read more

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