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a year ago

Wow. HG, tan, beautiful, flawless, you look like a model. Oh you're smiling? (lol sorry, Ru Paul reference) I love this. I was using its predecessor too. It smells so good, not at all like typical fake tan. I'm very pale. My skin is essentially translucent, you can see the hair follicles and veins under the skin (ew). Without makeup I basically look like a cadaver? One application of this and it looks like my body is smooth and perfect. Two and it's a nice medium tan. It's not splotchy at all. I use it on my face even tho the rubbing is irritating at first (please bring back the towelettes). I always shave after rinsing it off because my hair grows back in hours and it doesn't affect the tan at all. It doesn't budge for a week even if I'm shaving every day. I've tried spray tans but they don't turn out as even as this and I'm spoiled by the good smell of this one. On vacation I top up with the Jurlique gel or the clarins gel because I can throw those on quickly with my hands (without staining my palms) but man they stink! I didn't like Vita liberata, St Tropez, or Josie Maran. Tried multiple formulas. Meh. Stinky, splotchy. Spray tan was weirdly orange and I had it scheduled on a rainy day so I looked like a tiger, not a sexy one either. I've never touched Jergens because I've seen how bad it looks on my mother (orange lines).

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2 years ago

I like this a lot...I was reluctant to try it because almost all self-tanners make me itch horribly including Fakebake, Hemp brand, the Ulta brand tanner, L’Oréal towelettes, St. Tropez, and Banana Boat. Additionally, I will not tolerate stickiness or DHA scent in a tanner. I don’t like wearing self-tanner at night - only during the day. I have high expectations! PROS: no DHA scent (but a sweet subtle scent), moisturizing, doesn’t make my ankles look like I rubbed mud on them, develops into a brown toned (not orange) medium tan after 8 hours, doesn’t make me itch, can use on my face too (mixed with sunscreen/moisturizer), comes with a mitt (which is actually pretty decent), is basically fail proof (if you rub in messily or it looks uneven going on, when the color guard rinses off, the tan is still even) CONS: price ($40). I had $8 in points so I used that (thank goodness). I will continue to use this product - I think if I use my Jergen’s wet natural glow tanner (another one of my faves that doesn’t make me itch and I can use on my face too) to extend the tan, I can use the Brazilliance once a week and the tube should last me at least 2 months.

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2 years ago

I have tried many self-tanners, from the cheapest to the most expensive, and in all formulations - spray-on, gradual, towelettes, etc. I am fair, and so I even tried the Vita Liberata, which I figured being manufactured in Northern Ireland was great for all the really fair types out there. The main benefit of it was that it went on dark, so you could see where you applied it. Brazilliance does the same thing, but is a thicker cream rather than a runnier lotion, and it's a little cheaper. The Brazilliance also lasted longer than most I have tried and - main benefit - did NOT end up looking like dirt on my ankles and other areas where self-tanners sometimes tend to gather and darken (mainly because you can't see how much you've overlapped there when they're clear or white). This is the only self-tanner I will use now.

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3 years ago

I was so disappointed with this product, which shocked me because all the reviews I read were mostly positive! I'm fair skinned and buying self tanner is always a scary thing because I fear of looking streaky or orange. I bought this about 4 months ago because I was going to Florida. Just after a few times using it with the Mit it comes with, I hated the way it applied and looked once it set in. Not only is it very time consuming, but it makes it much harder to apply when the mit started to deteriorate. I applied it gently every time making sure to blend everything in, but the seam between the fabric and sponge bottom started to tear. The number one thing that bothered me was that not even 2 months of having the mit, it got moldy. Keep in mind I would wash it baby soap after each use. It turned black and green and it's not a type of texture where you could apply it with a towel or your hands, the Mit is kind of essential. it can also be extremely streaky once it sets in because the product itself doesn't spread or blend that easy. I don't recommend this product because there's better and cheaper self tanners out there.

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