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2 years ago

For travel I was looking for a mini hair mousse but could find no such thing, so AG Hair Sea Spray was suggested as an alternative as it came in a 50 ml/1.8 fluid ounce plastic spray bottle. Now there's no looking back and I'll be buying the full size for everyday use at home. My hair is medium-short (to jaw line), fine, and randomly and mildly wavy. It just LOVES this product. I spray all over wet hair and comb through before blow-drying my hair very imprecisely - head upside down and drying with no brush or discernible method! Then I use it on my dry hair as a setting spray and to subtly wave it just a little more. The result is better than achieved with a mousse and it's brilliant for resurrecting hair when there's no time for a shampoo. On top of all the other positive attributes, it also has a pleasant and subtle scent.

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4 years ago

This sea spray is amazing. As in, get this if you want sexy beach hair because you will not be dissapointed. I love this product so much <3 First up, I'm a lazy mo-fo when it comes to tresses. I have naturally wavy/few curls hair and it does not like to behave. Blow drying, straightening, pretty much all hair products, everything lets me down and laughs at me and my uncontrollable hair *cries*. lol. However, this sea spray was really wonderful to my waves. I don't blow dry my hair, just spray this lightly on and gently scrunch the ends, and after my hair has dried....WHAM, hello tossled beach hair. It looks bloody amazing. Now I imagine if you have dead straight hair this product may not work as well as it does for wavy/curly haired girls. I mean its a fantastic product, but I don't think it can perform miracles if your hair is dead straight. Just a heads up on that one. The price was a little more expensive than I would have liked, but I bought it because it has no salt in it. Also it seems to last forever, I have a lot in my bottle still and you don't need to use a lot. As in 3-4 sprays will suffice. The smell is nice, and the packaging is just average in its plastic spray bottle. But hey, for me its all about the product. My HG product for beach hair (along with beach bomb by AG). Totally will recommend this one <3

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4 years ago

This product is incredible. It is new (since march 2016 I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) and therefore doesn't have a lot of reviews online... in fact, I couldn't find any !! I wanted to find a product that would help to enhance my natural waves and this works like a charm. Unlike all the other sea salt sprays out there, this one DOES NOT HAVE SALT. Therefore, it doesn't dry your hair ! My hair is actually very shiny and soft after using this and my waves are beautiful. The smell is devine also.. too me, it smells like roses. Very delicate roses. It's calming,... I apply it on damp hair after my shower. Before using this, I use the AG detangling spray and their Fast food leave in conditionner. I then comb my hair and apply this product generously. Unlike other sea salt companies suggests to do, I don't "scrunch" my hair. Instead, I twist it and then let it air dry. What I love about this, is that I don't need to wear hairspray after this and my hair is manageable. When I woke up the next morning after using this, my hair was intact. I used a little bit of this spray on my dry hair to accentuate it (and to add the smell) and VOILA. Off I go to work :) I Can't get enough of this product !! LOVE LOVE LOVE <3

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