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3 years ago

I have this little brush and it is helpful for buffing out concealer on the face only. It is too stiff to be used for the undereye. I tried to stipple with it there but it tugged and tugging is the last thing I need. I do find it works well for the cheeks and forehead to stipple and blur concealer used for blemishes. It is also good for blending out creme sculpting products along the bottom of the bridge of the nose using tight little "c" strokes. It is a strange little brush but it has its uses.

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3 years ago

100% agree with the other reviewer. I bought this brush yesterday thinking it looked like an amazing brush for applying concealer under the eye. Heck NO. The bristles aren't just "stiff", they are "pokey". My eyes were actually watering after trying to apply my concealer with the brush. Now, it did do a good job at the actual application (using MAC pro longwear concealer) and using it to apply concealer to other less-sensitive areas of my face was fine. But I bought this specifically for my under-eyes, so it'll be going back. If you're looking for the same, then look elsewhere for a brush!

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4 years ago

FYI: I used this brush with a cream concealer. In general, I am happy with EcoTools brushes but definitely not this one! The brush is doomed with rather stiff bristles, which is quite soft to touch with fingers. Given the shape of this brush, I assume this should be used by stippling the concealer on. Thus, I tried it on my under-eye area and I was so wrong to do this - it was so painful as the bristles were too stiff and kind of poking my skin. I also tried patting the concealer on but it was rather difficult to apply the concealer on evenly. The only use (and also the reason why it's a 2 instead of 1 for the rating) for this brush is to cover the blemishes, but still, it was quite painful - well, unless I am using it on healed blemishes. Also, this brush picks up too much concealer for my liking as well. It's always a bad idea to begin with too much concealer when you're trying to conceal the dark circles / blemishes as it will end up looking cakey. Not going to repurchase / recommend to others who are using cream concealer.

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