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2 years ago

I reviewed the original kenneth cole New York a couple of weeks ago so now its Whites turn. White does not smell anywhere near as dry, acrid and masculine as the original. White is more floral and soft but it still has that harsh note of cinnamon the original has. This is definietly a unisex scent leaning towards masculine. It has a wonderful woody note which would be the note of sequoia. I cant say as i have actually smelled a sequoia tree but this perfume has a note of sequoia so that must be the woody note i am detecting. Upon first spritz i can detect the honeysuckle note though that note is very very fleeting and only lasts for a few minutes. This fragrance is all about cinammon and sequoia. Neat little perfume and really cool bottle.

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4 years ago

I like musky fragrances that can be worn by men or women. This one is sexy as hell with no hint of fruit, florals or other obnoxiously feminine smells that make me gag.

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