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6 months ago

This brand is quite famous for its anti-hair loss and damage care hair products. These are my adventures: 1. I liked the white bottle "Anti-aging" for oily scalp shampoo. Smells like ginseng which makes you feel like you are really adding nutrients to your scalp. I could tell that less hair was falling out after each shampoo. I was ecstatic. 5/5 Will buy again! 2. So i then tried the highly raved about purple bottle with purple label "Anti-hair loss Shampoo". I'm not halfway through the bottle and I can tell it is not helping with the hair fall. I might be dropping more hair than normal. I saw some baby hair growth but I'm not sure if it was the shampoo or Anti-hair loss treatment (like a conditioner) or the scalp treatment at work. This shampoo has silicones and laureth sulphate so it is quite strong and will leave silicone residue which makes your hair feel soft but will weigh it down until you clean with a clarifying shampoo once in a while. 2/5 3. Anti-hair loss Treatment It works like a conditioner after shampoo that you rinse off. Nice ginseng smell like the shampoo. Quite hydrating and makes your hair smooth. I can't read the korean ingredients but I think it contains dimethicones just like the shampoo. 4/5 (took off a mark for silicones) 4. Anti-hair loss Nutritive Treatment A rinse off conditioner just like its sibling mentioned in number 3. But i found it not hydrating enough for my hair. It was said to be a daily conditioner that is more gentle than number 3. I could not wait to finish it. Kinda meh.1/5 5. Anti-hair loss Scalp Treatment Nice minty feeling and ginseng smell when applied onto your scalp after towel drying your hair. I felt it was doing more than Minoxidil maybe because of the nice minty tingle. Still unsure if it really works because I have been too lazy to apply daily haha. I thought it made my scalp look greasy quicker the next day in the hot and humid Singapore weather. So probably not good to use it before a hot date lol. 4/5? (still unsure about rating) I want to try the Ryo deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner next. It has no silicones unlike the Damage Care range. Abit worried it might be drying for the hair. Will update if I do try it out :) <3

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4 years ago

This shampoo is definitely not for me. It is too strong for the skin of my hands. I rarely have such a negative opinion on a shampoo. I have used it twice. Both times, I had peeling skin below my finger nails immediately after using it. This looks like the result of using strong soap. I have never had this problem before, not with regular shampoos sold at, say, Walm*rt. I have used probably 20 different brands of shampoo in my life, and never had such a problem before. The next time I use this shampoo, I may have to wear rubber gloves. Ryo Anti Aging Shampoo is a ginseng shampoo and has a very strong Ginseng smell.

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