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3 years ago

Price: $$$$ Packaging: 4 Buy again? No. I bought this sunscreen on a whim while on a vacation in Spain. I'm always making an effort to be properly protected at all times - yes, even in winter, even if it rains -, but I ran out of my usual body sunscreen in the middle of a city trip, so I had to quickly stop by a pharmacy and buy whatever SPF50+ they had lying around. I settled for this one because it was mostly chemical, which is what I prefer because there is little to no white cast. Oh boy, how wrong I was. Anyways, let's start with the good thing: It protects very well. I once applied it (in the right amounts, of course) before a little sunbathing session, and I didn't get any tan whatsoever - which is what you want your sunscreen to do, to protect you from getting a tan (believe me). However, sadly, that's about it; there's nothing more I can say in favour of this product. It leaves a huge white cast despite being purely chemical; when applied in the right amounts, it starts flaking off after a couple of hours; it never really sinks in, stays greasy, and is far from being water resistant. It's also pretty expensive, even though the tube is rather big. + protects well - leaves an extremely white cast - formula starts to pill and flake off after a few hours - stays greasy, never sets - isn't water resistant at all - expensive

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4 years ago

This is a review for the children's version of Avene's spf 50. I usually use the regular Avene spf 50 but could only find this in the pharmacy so it had to suffice. It contains tinosorb s and m, with avobenzone but interestingly no octocrylene. The tinosorbs should stabilize the avo though. I have read that the tinosorb filters are perhaps the best we have in protecting our skin from the sun, even edging out mexoryl. They are stable all day long. In fact, there is a Swiss sunscreen named 'Daylong' that uses the tinosorbs, and as its name implies, it is intended to provide protection all day with just one application- testament to the lasting efficacy of the tinosorbs! This sunscreen, like the regular, is not too problematic. No dramatic white cast, very moisturizing to the point of feeling a tad greasy but a bit of powder covers that up. I am told I glow, little do they know its the sunscreen! Overall, I think I prefer the finish of the regular spf 50 from Avene which dries a tad more matte. Another great tinosorb S & M spf is Ducray Melascreen Spf 50, no avo but octocrylene and oxybenzone, which is no hassle and acts ike quite a nice moisturizer.I think I would choose that over this, or stick with the regular Avene spf 50.

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