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2 years ago

I have fine hair and read online that this would be a good product to give me a little root lift at the crown. I regret to say it does nothing. I've tried using different amounts of the product, aiming it in different places, and it provides a very little degree of lift that lasts less than an hour. Don't waste your money.

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4 years ago

This is a very light dry texturizing spray that would likely be suitable for finer hair than mine. I found that it didn't really do much for me at all. I sprayed it on clean hair after using a curling iron to create loose waves that I ran my fingers through to loosen up. I wanted to dirty my hair up a bit and add some piecey texture and separation but High and Dry really didn't do that for me. I sprayed quite a bit but I didn't get the look I wanted. This product may be suitable for an updo or a teased ponytail but not for the tousled bedhead look that is so trendy right now. It's similar in performance to Fructis Texture Tease, which I already have and don't think to much of either. However, with Texture Tease, there's not much product in the can so the low price is deceptive. High and Dry definitely has more product but is $22 at Ulta so it's significantly more expensive. I like Redken Wind Blown much more than either Texture Tease or High and Dry because it adds a lot of heft and grip and does give me the piecey texture that works with my layered lob. It also adds substantial hold so not much hairspray is necessary. It does come out of the can in a furious torrent (I guess that's why it's called Wind Blown, lol!) but a little bit of product adds plenty of texture so the can lasts longer than you might think. I'm pretty sure Wind Blown is about $17 or so, just fyi. I've found that adding Wind Blown to my finished style when my hair is clean gives it that slept-in look that everyone is trying desperately to achieve right now. It gives my waves that beachy look and the effects last several days. It's also easy to wash out so there are no issues with buildup. I think it's a much better dry texturizing spray that either Texture Tease or High and Dry. I will be returning High and Dry to Ulta and exchanging it for another can of Wind Blown. If you have medium textured hair and are looking for a truly great dry texturizing spray, then Wind Blown is a good choice. I recommend it highly. However, if your hair is fine you may have better results with High and Dry. Unfortunately, it just didn't work well for me.

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