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7 months ago

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Cardamom, Coriander. Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley, Carnation, Gardenia, Rose, Frankincense, Vetiver, Myrrh, Jasmine, Patchouli. Base Notes: Amber, Leather, Honey, Coconut, Styrax, Moss, Musk, Castoreum, Vanilla, Civet. I am not really sure how to categorise Occur! given the notes pyramid. It opens with a massive blast of aldehydes underlaid by crisp, green bergamot and hints of spice. I cannot identify cardamon and coriander specifically, though. All I can say is I detect a hint of spice. The top notes linger on my skin for an amazingly long time, but eventually, the floral heart notes begin to open like a bouquet. Again, I cannot really untangle the floral notes they are so well blent. I do detect a smidgeon of pungent incense in the heart. In the deep dry down I mainly perceive leather, moss, and a hint of musk. Sadly, I do not detect the other base notes because I love amber, honey, castoreum and civet. Occur! dryness is unrelieved by any real sweetness from honey, and there are no fruit notes to soften it. Occur! seems to me to be a perfume of its era: dry, chypre-ish, a bit green, and unsweet. This review is based on my vintage bottle of the cologne mist. It comes in a black rubberised bottle with a faux diamond beneath the exclamation point. I also have the cologne splash which seems to have a bit more leather in it if that is possible. My bottle is very likely from the early 1960s whence the fragrance was first launched, and although the bottle has been well preserved, I am sure it has lost a bit of its oomph over these many long years, although the top notes are amazingly well preserved. I would love to have tried Occur! whence it was first launched. It must have been a real head turner. Occur! is a fragrance I wear mainly for my own pleasure either at home or sequestered in the stacks at the library or on a quiet stroll through the park on a cool day. I doubt many people who might be around me would be favourably impressed with this fragrance. It does not smell like anything most people would wear today. In its day, it was probably reserved for evening wear due to its several animalic notes. Today, I would not recommend it for either office wear or social wear. I find it a very personal pleasure that most people would not appreciate. I think the right man could wear this as well as a woman. Despite the many florals, I do not find Occur! to be particularly feminine. It wears pretty close to the skin after the first 30 or so minutes, but as I say, my bottle is quite old. I really wish I could perceive more of those fabulous base notes, and that is really my only complaint about this fragrance. Longevity, projection, and sillage are average. If you are interested in so-called "old school" fragrances, the type that no one makes anymore (that I am aware), and/or you like dry, chypre-ish fragrances, and/or if leather is a note you wish to explore in more fragrances, and/or you are not put off by aldehydes, then I definitely recommend Occur! to you. If you have a penchant for collecting perfume bottles, this one is quite nice for a fragrance that was very "accessible" in its day. In the 40s, 50s, and 60s, Avon produced some really nice presentations for the price point. Prices vary, but if you want a nice example of the original style bottle with the rhinestone on the bottle and the bottle in its box, expect to pay as much as $40, $50, or more for it. Occur! is definitely worth a sniff you like aldehydes and leather notes. Again, I would have loved to smell this at the time it was first launched. I must have been quite a beauty. I am unlikely to use up my bottle in what is left of my lifetime, but if I did manage to use it up, would I buy it again? I am unsure. Maybe. I cannot definitely say yes, but I cannot definitely say no either.

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4 years ago

Even now, I am not sure that my new dead stock, NIB, Avon Occur! Is in peak condition. I am convinced with my exertions to obtain Persian Wood that most Avon is sadly deteriorated, in part because consumers displayed the cutesy bottles in sunlight and heat for decades. However, when I read on the blog I smell therefore I am, that Occur was more animalic than even SL MKKa and moreover was reviewed fravorably in Barbara Hermans book as a Coconut Leather Chypre. . . .my curiosity got the best of me. It's oddly not hard for me to wear, and I do feel self conscious wearing MKK sometimes. It's green, but not overwhelmgly so. And I think I can grasp at its richness and butteriness. I don't so much get the coconut, but perhaps an undercurrent of gardenia. . . But, everything is well blended enough that I cannot separate out the notes. If you are curious about vintage, as I was, it is definitely worth a try. My bottle is not one of the original black opaque bottles but rather a cute or kitschy owl. It is aldehydic, but not loudly so like Chanel 5. Nor is it boozy like vintage Arpege. . . It is powdery in the dry down, but not throat parchingly so, like SL Fourreau Noire. Finally, although it's a chypre, and leather to boot, I don't find it nearly as challenging or intimidating as vintage EL Azuree or Aliage. No doubt, those who prefer clean ozonic scents will not like this, but anyone who admires vintage Miss Dior, Miss Balmain, Caron Nuit de Noel, Guerlain Chamade, etc., should find this quite nice. Personally, I prefer it to Miss Dior or Miss Balmain ( IMO it's less green leather). And there is no mustiness or fustiness or skunkiness (if so, your bottle has turned and spoiled). IMO, color is not always indicative of a skunked bottle.

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