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4 years ago

This is a great mascara I bought on a whim. It gives bold volume, awesome length and wears all day long, without a smudge or smear. The reason I'm only giving it four star is because the mouth of the tube gets pretty clumpy and messy. Oh well, you can't always have perfection! Love it anyway!

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4 years ago

I purchased this mascara when I was looking for something to replace a Dior mascara that I liked but didn't love. It was in a display recommending mascaras for adding volume. I liked the packaging - sleek and solid so it won't crack bouncing around in my makeup bag. As well, I thought that if it was in a special display it must work as promised. I should know better by now, but I am the kind of consumer marketers love. The first tube I purchased gave great volume, but as a previous reviewer has noted, it quickly got clumpy. This required wiping off the wand and being quite careful. It stayed put for more than 11 hrs and took a little work to remove at the end of the day. When my daughter "borrowed" the first tube, I purchased another one because I loved the volume and wanted to give it a second chance. I have had the second tube only a short time, but it seems to be clump free so far. I love this mascara and the only reason it didn't get five lippies, but I did buy it again, and until I get the urge to wander around the makeup section and something catches my eye,I will stick with it (I am rarely faithful to a product forever - I just can't resist a good salesperson, good advertising and good packaging!)

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5 years ago

This is a beautiful mascara. The formula is quite wet and the brush is not too big (some of them have gotten ridiculous, in my opinion). It actually dries quickly so the wetness of the formula isn't problematic. The black shade (the only one actually carried in my Chicago Sephora store) is a rich, inky black shade that's very flattering. The problem is that a month, 2 months in, a lot of product gunks up around the opening and gets on the wand which then of course does cause big-time clumping on the lashes. You have to dab off the wand on a tissue (NOT a cotton pad or ball- those will leave fibers on the wand) before you can keep using it. If this is a packaging glitch or a wand thing, I'm not sure. It's a good buy, nice solid packaging, but this is an annoying hangup.

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