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2 years ago

I was quite suprised at all the bad reviews on this product, considering how fantabulous this mascara is!!! It takes no time to apply once you get the hang of the big wand, and it's very good for an everyday to dramatic look. This mascara does flake a bit, but doesn't run like other waterproof mascara and has staying power throughout the day. I've been using this mascara nonstop and it's truly the best. I also like how it isn't too hard to remove, like other waterproof mascaras. The EWG approval and cruelty free status are a great selling point for this brand, which is more WAY affordable than Sephora. Love, Love, Love!!! Also, another good waterproof mascara is lifted by tarte.

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2 years ago

This is absolutely the worst mascara I've ever owned. When I first applied it it was okay. Nothing amazing but a decent mascara. The trouble started afterwards. By lunch I had mascara all over my face, my hands, my shirt...everywhere but my eyelashes. I gave it another chance. Same thing. In all my years of wearing mascara I've never had one smudge and flake like this one.

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4 years ago

**UPDATE** Unfortunately, as this product started to dry out in the tube, which normally makes mascaras better...This mascara turned into an absolute NIGHTMARE! The only way I can describe it is that as it dried out, so did the waterproof quality. It really is no longer water proof. Which for me translated into a smudgy, runny, flaky mess all over my eyes within 2 hours of wear. I have no idea what happened. Nothing besides 'time' changed in my routine. I had to buy another truly waterproof mascara to use as a topper. (I didn't just want to chuck it out and have to get something new anyway.) I really cant recommend this anymore if this is how this mascara ages. Unless you don't need a waterproof formula. So sad. (In The Color Raven) Finally! For the past 3 years or so, I have been searching for a more natural or organic mascara that doesn't run, smudge, flake or otherwise completely fail throughout the day. I have a rare eye/vision disorder that makes 99% of mascara completely un-usable and flatout dangerous for me to use. So I have tried...everything. The closest I had come before this product was the Tarte L.C.L. Which, I had also tried the waterproof version of and HATED IT! That one never really "sets" on the lashes. The non-waterproof/classic version is honestly pretty good. And It seems after I use it for a long time, my lashes are healthy and grow quite long. Now take all the reaming qualities about the Tart one, and make it better; You then get THIS mascara! The Breakdown: - Doesn't sting eyes on application or throughout wearing it - Wonderful separation and definition of the lashes - Lengthens - Volume - Can me layered om the lashes for desired effect - Doesn't clump - Adds gorgeous rich pigment - "Sets" on the lashes do a SOFT texture. (You can actually touch your lashes without fear of them snapping off. Which also means later in the day, if you want to build up the intensity to go from a day to night look, you can. ) - Not Sticky - Doesn't smudge, smear - Doesn't flake - Holds curl amazingly well all day - Safe ingrediants Here is what the website claims and I have to agree with everything it states: Waterproof Definition Rich mineral color formulated with high natural wax content repels water giving lashes long-wearing, waterproof definition. Softer Lashes Naturally nourishes lashes with Argan Oil, Aloe, and Panthenol. Easy on the Eyes Gentle, non-irritating formula applies easily and won't run or smear when wet. Formula Purity Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Paraben Free :: Artificial Color Free :: Fragrance Free :: Talc Free :: Hypo-allergenic :: Phthalate Free I am so so so so impressed with this mascara, I highly recommend giving it a chance, even if you aren't looking for an organic mascara. It really is wonderful in my opinion.

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