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2 years ago

Overall, I'm going to have to go with "meh". Dottie on HCB told me really good things about this mask so I decided to give it a go despite the steep price. From there I also experimented with a cheaper alternative. I think this is not necessarily a bad product, just moreso that my hair does not love clay products. What I like about this: -The concept of it is awesome. Clay does remove impurities, similar to a suction method. -You don't need a shower cap while wearing it. Water doesn't drop off my head everywhere, unlike traditional hair masks. -Left hair in decent condition. Overall this was a positive experience but I wouldn't say it did anything overly beneficial for my hairtype. I have fine hair, thick in quantity, and it's olaplex'd to hell & back because I bleach it. If you want a cheaper alternative I would just add oil to a regular clay product. I got the same results. This might work better for other hairtypes. I could definitely see clay masks helping normalize the oil production on some scalps which might lead to longer days inbetween washings. The biggest benefit I got from it is my hair has more volume after using it.

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SkinVery Oily, Fair, Neutral

HairBlond, Wavy, Fine


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3 years ago

AMAZING!!! This is the BEST mask on the market! I'm a hair mask junkie so I've tried them all from super expensive to affordable and this mask is the winner!! It's kind of a hidden gem because it's not super easy to find but it makes hair more beautiful than ever! It makes my hair super soft, moisturized, shiny, bouncy and healthy!! This mask blows my other favorite masks out of the water! It smells great and is the perfect consistency. It's all natural ingredients too! Try it! You will love it!!

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4 years ago

This is by far the best hair treatment I've ever used. It was all the rage on hair board when it first came out a few years ago. It's still just as good and is available on Amazon. I still had some left when I spied it on Amazon for $12.50. I bought some back when it first came out and paid $55 for it, and it was well worth the price. It has argan oil and minerals and is just the ticket for my parched, frizz prone tresses. I works best with heat. I use it with a heat cap for 45 minutes or so and I get shiny, healthy looking hair. When my strands have been particularly stressed from coloring and/or heat styling, I use this mask once a week until the problem resolves. I get a vast improvement with the first use and it just gets better from there. It's really thick and rich, so a little goes a long way. You don't want to overdo it and use too much because you'll just spend extra time rinsing it out. It just isn't necessary to overload on the product. Just make sure the midlengths and ends are covered and lightly add some to the rest of your hair. If you have oily hair but dry ends, avoid the scalp completely. It smells earthy and nutty, in a very good way. This is simply the best mask on the market and it's unfortunate that it's a well kept secret. I recommend it on hair board whenever I can. The two tubs I ordered from Amazon look and smell exactly like the original, so I know they're authentic products. I'm just so happy I got a great deal on my very most favorite hair treatment. There's simply nothing else remotely like it, at any price. Be sure you get the mud mask. There's a revitalizing formula too, but I have no idea how well it works, just fyi. I definitely recommend this mask. You will be AMAZED!!!.

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