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5 years ago

A romanian product. Yey for that! Gerovital is a really respected brand, they put out very good products and a lot of people like it. And it's made in Romania. The applicator one this eye cream is a little weird, but I like it. You have to press it down on your eye area and product will come out. It doesn't dispense too much, a half of pump is enough for one eye, but you can control exactly how much you want; half a pump or a full one, which I really like, makes it so easy to use. The tube keeps the ingredients in it stable, no air gets in. That is important when it has retinol or other ingredients that are sensitive to air exposure. It is a white light weight cream that sinks in the skin easy and fast but still leaves it felling moisturised. A pet peeve of mine is eye cream that is way too greasy. Not only my skin will not absorb it, but it will mess with my makeup and give me milia (those little bumps in the eye area). I need something that absorbs in 10 minutes and then I don't want to feel like I have anything left in that area. While I can't say if it does anything for wrinkles since I don't have a lot of them yet, I have issues with allergies that make my undereyes puffy and irritated and during the day scratchy, so I need a cream that takes care of my skin and keeps it healthy. Just think about all the thing you to do it, from removing makeup and rubbing it to do so (no matter how gentle you are you still press on it), from squinting your eyes in the sun or in front of a computer, and the constant application of product in a place that is already sensitive. And if you have allergies like me, you probably touch your eyelids way more often then you should. All that stresses it out, so at night putting this on feels very soothing. Definetely worth a try, and it's not that expensive, around £6..sau 30 de lei :). I used it every day since I got it a few months ago and it's still not finished. Love it! Who else has heard of Gerovital? Or where can I buy it in UK? Let me know. http://www.beautytalkwithdiana.com/2015/07/gerovital-h3-retinol-eye-cream.html

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