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a year ago

I’m totally blown away. After trying every vitamin C serum from Timeless Skincare and Clinique, all the way to 3Lab and Zelens, I was losing hope. Many of them either have bad alcohols, silicones, witch hazel, or hyaluronic acid, all of which I have to avoid (I’m one of the cursed few who has the opposite reaction from topical hyaluronic pulls moisture out my skin instead of drawing moisture in). Also, many of them “feel” emollient when applied because they’re in bases of propanediol or glycerin which give the impression they’re nourishing the skin, but really just end up feeling suffocating and my skin feels thirsty after they absorb. Finally, a friend who is familiar with my laundry list of “bad Ingredients” and my dry skin, recommended the Cowgirl Skincare to me. Well suffice to say I wish I had discovered this serum sooner because it’s everything I needed and more in a vitamin-C serum! Cowgirl Extreme C is in a base of botanical squalane (which is fancy-talk for “plant derived”) and also has the added benefit of vitamin-A without being drying whatsoever. It quenches my dry skin and also protects my moisture barrier to keep dehydration at bay. When used at night, I wake up with my skin feeling comfortable, plumped, and glowy. At my age, that’s a HUGE accomplishment! It feels more like a super nourishing face oil rather than a serum. Apart from squalane, tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin-C), and retinyl palmitate (Vitamin-A), it contains omega-6 ceramides, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, elderberry, and neroli, among others. It’s not a greasy oil, but it is far from “watery”. If you have oily skin, you may want to proceed with a bit of caution and try to get a sample first. It does take some time to absorb, but for me it’s absolutely worth the wait. I use it morning and night and wait about an hour after application before I put on any other products. I actually use this OVER my moisturizer because my moisturizer is water-based and this serum is oil-based. So, depending on the ingredients of your other skincare, you may want to adjust the order in which you use this product. Applying it when you would apply a traditional serum (after toning but before moisturizer), won’t work with this one unless your moisturizer is also oil based. I just thought I should add that in, because often when people hear “serum”, they think they MUST use it under moisturizer????, and that’s not always the case! All in all, this is a Ride or Die skincare product for me!! I’ll never be without it, and I highly recommend to anyone with dry, combo, or normal skin!! If you have mature/aging skin that tends to be NEED to try this product!! I order mine from Pharmaca, as they have the best prices I’ve found so far for this brand!

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5 years ago

Wow! This product really knocked my socks off! It goes on a little thick and takes a couple hours to sink in, but in the morning when I wake up, my skin looks plumped and rejuvenated. The texture of my skin is super smooth and my pore size even seems reduced. No regrets! I purchased this from Pharmaca on a two for one deal. I would not have purchased this at the full retail price of $70, but it definitely performs so if you really need it, go for it.

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