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5 years ago

Lioele's claims made this gel cream sound great, but I was disappointed that it wasn't more moisturizing. Several types of seaweed and a usually helpful Chlorella, hyaluronic acid, & collagen as ingredients just didn't do it, despite my using it during Summer. This one's probably great for those who have oily to normal skin, just not me. It comes in a 100gm jar w/a tiny spatula & when I bought it last year from a Korean ebay seller, it cost a little more than $10. The shipping time was a month. It smells pleasant and has the usual nice gelly consistency. It is cooling on application, and although it's absorbed fairly quickly, it was a bit sticky. It's poss I'd used too much (in desperation because not enough moisture), and the cat & dog hair liked it. :( It didn't annoy my sensitive skin, burn, nor turn me red. It didn't en-huge-ify my pores, like the #%*! Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream did. ;) Dry patches just laughed at this stuff & remained just as dry, and it gave the undereye area nowhere enough moisture. I chose this gel for several reasons - seaweeds have lotsa vitamins & minerals, and Lioele says it's oil-free - I figured feeding this to my skin would make it happy. Instead I wound up with non-greasy hand cream that helped only slightly dry hands, and the ingredients list includes castor oil! I did learn several things from my purchase: Gel moisturizers don't always help, even if you have an only slightly dry face. Classy cosmetics companies can let you down, big time. "Oil-free" doesn't always mean it's actually *oil-free* (see below). I run searches for *images* of products that sound interesting. Sellers don't always accurately list the ingredients, but a lot of reviewers include pictures of all sides of the boxes & containers so you can find the ingredients. That's important if you have allergies/sensitivities. Castor oil doesn't generate styes in my contact lens-wearing eyes, and for this I am very grateful.

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