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5 months ago

This is the least expensive version of minoxidil I’ve yet to find. There is no female hairloss in my family, but plenty of bald men on my dad’s side. I’ve always had fine hair, so I went into panic mode when those premenopausal hormones (or lack thereof) started kicking in and I saw my hair slowly becoming thinner. Not at the front and part like most women, but starting on the sides of the crown of my head. At first I thought I was imagining it, but eventually I had to admit, I was seeing more and more of my scalp. Then the back, all below the crown, started getting thinner, then the front, just past my hairline. Kind of like a ring around my head, not on the top of front sides or lower back and sides. It wasn’t so bad, and still isn’t, that other people noticed, but I certainly did. It took 3 dermatologists before one even gave me an order for bloodwork, and they all seemed rather unsympathetic. Two were men, one was a woman in her early thirties. I sat there in these doctor visits, struggling to hold back the tears, and they all had an “oh well, that’s life” kind of attitude. The best they could do was recommend men’s Rogaine, the 5% foam. I had read the reviews and statistics, and knew that there was little chance if it working, but decided to try it anyway. It didn’t work. And the stuff makes your hair feel like sticky, dirty straw. it’s expensive, even store brands, 3 bottles that are supposed to be a three month supply, for $45 to $55. I was going thru 3 bottles a month easy. I used it for a year and saw no improvement at all. One day in Walmart, I saw that there was an Equate Liquid 5% version, for around $12 a bottle, and decided to see if that worked any better. Hot DAMN, it does, I have hair growing at my front hairline, and the thinning areas around my head are filling in. After a few months, the areas where my scalp was getting more visible are showing major improvement. Possibly the liquid penetrates better into the skin of the scalp, I don’t know. I shower at night, shampoo and condition, then let my hair air dry. I use the dropper applicator to soak the areas that were thinning. I put on a headband, and forget about it. In the morning, I rinse and condition my hair. I’m so happy to be finally seeing results. I’m never going to regrow all my hair, I’m not going to wake up one day with a thick full head of hair, but any improvement at all makes me happy. So if you have used the foam with no success, try the liquid. It’s a drag that I will have to do this every night for life, but it’s better than the alternative, that’s for sure!!

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a year ago

I use Kirkland Signature 5% Minoxidil. It's been amazing! During the heat wave, my hair went through a terrible deal. It was scary hot around here if you must know, and I couldn't even dry my hair properly under a bonnet dryer because I felt like I could faint. On top of it my hair lady applied a nuclear bomb of a relaxer to my head, which further weakened it. I was forced to air dry my hair for almost a month because I really couldn't handle the heat. I lost, no lie, 40-50% of my hair. It would be catastrophic on any woman,but I was saved due to having more hair than the average woman. I'm of African and Mediterranean stock, and I inherited a tendency to dense chia pet like hair. My hair looks like an exxagerated Brigitte Bardot blow out after rollers. When I tell you my mom was unphased at my loss of hair, you should know that I have an abnormally large amount of volume of hair. My natural hair is too difficult to work with since it's both frizzy and prone to painful shrinkage. Made worse since I live right in front a beach and in an area to long Winters. So I relax it to be able to sleep well and be able to style it into something since the level of shrinkage it possesses makes it an ordeal in its natural state. Anyways, I've been using this for the past 3 months to recover the volume loss and prevent breakage and it's been working! I use it twice a day every day. I love it. It has made the recovery swift and easy. I will continue to texlax my hair (not a choice unfortunately) but this has helped me to finally get it past shoulder length despite the fiasco of last Summer. You can find a supply of three months at Amazon for $13.

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4 years ago

Over the course of 6 months I'd lost over 30% of my hair and I had a complete meltdown! My hair has always been my best feature: thick, wavy and lots of body. My stylist always had to thin it out a bit because it was so thick. I have a family history of female hair loss - androgenic alopecia so I didn't waste any time getting in to see my primary care physician and my dermatologist. Both recommended Minoxidil 5% in the foam. I've been using it for about 3 months and the difference is amazing. It's easy to use. After washing and drying my hair I squirt out about 1/2 a cap full of foam onto the lid of a face cream jar.....it's handy, rinses off easily, and I don't have to have another item on my bathroom counter. I tried putting it directly onto my palm but it melted super fast. The cool surface keeps it from melting. Then I just start parting my hair- I start on one side and make small parts going from my crown to my front hairline. I make part, put a pea size dollop of foam on my finger and apply it directly to my scalp, starting at the crown and smoothing it to my front hairline. I make sure to get my hairline covered. It only takes a small amount because you only put it in the scalp, not on the hair itself. More is not better, so only use enough to get the scalp. You're supposed to wait 20 minutes before putting any other products on your hair. This doesn't make my hair greasy. The application process took a while to get the hang of but now I don't even think about it. The first thing I noticed was the hair fall stopped. Then I noticed all these fluffy light blonde baby hairs sprouting; now they're about 2 inches long. My hair is thicker and my hair strands look thicker and healthier. My stylist cut off all the unhealthy hair about two weeks ago and my hair is looking great. I wear my hair in a pixie cut so I'm sure that has made the improvement easier to see. I even color my hair without any problems. With female genetic hair loss you have to add some supplements for optimum results. My dermatologist advised me to take biotin 5,000 mg daily. I also take fish oil, and an evening primrose oil / flax seed oil supplement. My dermatologist also prescribed a low dose diuretic (spironolactone) that has anti DHT properties. For us females, hair loss can be devastating to our self image. It was to mine! I hope this information helps!

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5 years ago

I have been suffering hair loss last months, i tried everything, seriuosly, everything! then i discover that the only thing that really works is minoxidil (for hair regrow) Equate is a good brand, is cheap, good products Totally using it. No side effects, no itching, no white residues

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