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5 years ago

I would not recommend this product. First impression of this sunscreen is that it has a disconcerting odor which only slightly fades after a little dissipation. I've been using it to fade some sunspots on my forearm with hopes of using it on my face if there's a marked improvement on my arm. (I'm constantly battling melasma in a year-round sunny environment.) However I don't think this sunscreen can be applied directly to my face because of the odor. I believe the odor is from the hydroquinone because it has a similar smell to a prescription hydroquinone product. The consistency of this product is thicker than any physical or chemical sunscreen I have used in the past but it dries down transparent without the white cast. As far as effectiveness, it definitely is not as effective as a more popular/well known skin regimen that also uses hydroquinone and an exfoliating process. Because this is a single step product, I believe it may be somewhat effective in preventing more pigmentation but not reducing pre-existing discoloration.

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