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17 years ago

The jury is still out on this one. maybe i shouldn't be reviewing it. but alas, i will do so anyway. it takes off the makeup really well. it even gets through wwaterproof mascara with relative ease. it feels soothing on my skin, and does not irritate my eyes, but it is soooo greasy!!! it doesn't wipe off, and even with soap it's a challenge to get off. the oil stays stuck in my lashes, weighing them down, and i can't see very well while it's like that. i prefer my Beauty Without Cruelty remover because it isn't greasy, but the BWC does not get through the waterproof mascaras too well. i do not think i will buy this again. i would prefer to try a different brand.

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17 years ago

The Best eye makeup remover i've ever seen! i wear a lot of liquid liners and pewter eyeshadows, but this stuff takes it all off with ease. It smells like lavender! really the greatest thing about it though is the comfort i get in knowing it ain't harmful at the least bit, (i was using blinding mineral oil before) the bottle also says its a "skin treament" it has lots of revitalizing essential oils,aloe vera,and lotsa vitamins, which is oh so necessary for the eye area. i'll definatley be repurchasing forever

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