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2 years ago

Edit 9/12/17: I got Joaquin too it's an awesome Fall color red Fuchsia cherry. --- Original review: "Diät Lippenstift" as we would say in German **lach. Diet size lipstick proportions lol as these are tiny. I've got a sample size of Indian Rose & the sizes aren't much different between Indian Rose & Julian, but I paid $15 for Indian rose $22 for Julian (ebay) but these are a good way to buy a TF$ lipstick introductory instead of paying $54 for a full sized lipstick. I want all of them hehe I'll definitely be buying more (what colors!!!!?). Julian is a medium cool toned mauve w lavender really pretty. Dark maroon boxy yet compact packaging truly lux. It's a fun item to own.

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5 years ago

I bought ONE - just to test it Frankly if I want to burn cash I would prefer to go to Vegas Hype can be good sometimes but in this case I will agree with Julia that this is a fabulous marketing coup by TF Most of the colors are dupeable and the textures par for the course- your serving is puny and bla bla I would feel bad if anyone bought all of them - one bout of lunacy is plenty for me

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5 years ago

The Lips & Boys Limited series is another Tom Ford marketing coup, and I write that with a mix of amusement and respect, and I am happy to admit that I bought into the craze, hunting down three of these smaller sized beauties: Julian, Alejandro and Richard. All three are leaning toward cool while the rest of the regular line seems more geared toward neutral/warmer skin tones. I am hoping that because these shades were among the first to sell out that gives a signal to the company to add them to their permanent line. Julian is a soft, cool-leaning medium toned pink with a hint of lavender. There is just the right amount of blue in this soft pink. Often times, lipsticks in that family of lilac or lavender look off on my lips, even though I have cool toned skin, but Tom Ford definitely got this shade right. I think it looks polished, understated and modern. Julian has the regular Tom Ford cream formula without shimmer that goes on smooth and opaque with one swipe. I have very pigmented lips and light skin (NW15), so I prefer lipsticks with good coverage that are not too light, otherwise they tend to wash me out. Lasting power of this shade is good, and yet it feels comfortable on the lips. I have dry lips and use a bit of balm underneath any lipstick I am wearing. As mentioned, Julian is part of a Limited Edition, but I would repurchase in case of a repromote. $32 for 2g, the regular Tom Ford lipsticks contain 3g for $50.

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5 years ago

First impression of this lipstick is it is tiny. Not quite sample size tiny, but a small step up from sample size tiny. 0.07 oz to be more exact, exactly half the size of a NARS Audacious lipstick which is 0.14 oz. and for now they both cost $32. The color of Julian is very similar to NARS Anna, just a little bit pinker and not as mauve. This was a plus for me because I think Anna is slightly too dark for me. Julian wears a little more natural. But more opaque than Dior Addict's Backstage 583, which is sheerer and more emollient. The formula is drier than I am accustomed to. I like lipsticks with moisturizing qualities and the $TF seems drier. It feels similar to the old NARS formula sans the scent. It applies smoothly and evenly and does not have a heavy feel. I put it on in the morning and needed to reapply after lunch so its staying power is good barring any food or drink challenges. Overall a good lipstick, but quite pricey. If size doesn't matter to you and you have the disposable income, try one, it isn't much of a commitment. I knocked of a lippy for price. Edit: after a little over a month of use, I'm beginning to see some of the $TF hype. Feels comfortable on the lips and has good staying power.

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