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5 years ago

This product was awful. I returned it. The wipes, while yes, cheap at about $8 for 120 of them, were not effective. It did not adequately remove my makeup, especially not my eye makeup (and all I wear is mascara!). I also think the size of the wipes were on the smaller size (though to be fair, not TOO small to do their job). I think the worst part was the fragrance, which I found to be cheap smelling and rather offensive.

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5 years ago

These wipes come in a press-open tub, and you get 60 of them for under $5 CAD. The tub looks pretty much the same as a diaper wipe tub. You press the little button to open, pull out a wipe and close. It's great for keeping the wipes moist. I picked these up instead of my usual Aveeno Ultra Calming wipes, and I'm so so glad I did. These wipes have honestly improved my skin so much. I haven't used any other cleanser, moisturizer or treatment since using these, just one morning and night, and my skin is completely flawless. They feel soothing on the face, remove any dirt and oil I might have, and smell calming and refreshing. The amount you get for the price is amazing, and as long as my skin keeps looking this great, I'll never stop using these!

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