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4 years ago

i don't want to jinx this... But... I think I may have found my holy grail serum!!!!!! I've used countless serums over the years, and none have compared to this! I was using Lancome Visionnaire most recently and was enjoying the results. My skin looked more even, pores appeared smaller and acne scars were fading slightly, however, I'm a university student and I just did not have the cash to fork out $100 for a 30ml bottle consistently. So, in desperation, I started googling around trying to find a dupe. I saw people were recommending this product and thought what the heck, it's fairly cheap at $30 (especially when compared with Lancome). Loreal actually owns Lancome and the ingredients in Visionnaire and this are very similar. The difference is that Loreal only has 2% of the LR 2412, whilst Visionnaire has 4%. But that's not a huge deal to me since I use the Loreal more frequently and use a larger amount than Visionnaire due to Loreal being reasonably priced. Also, Loreal contains some other good for skin actives, which Lancome doesn't. So on to the results... How is it possible that I actually like this better than Visionnaire?! It's awesome! Visionnaire took some time to see results (about 3 weeks). I didn't think it was doing anything and then one day I woke up and thought, wow my skin looks nice! But with Loreal I woke up the next day and had the same reaction, and it's looking nicer each day I use it! I compared the serums and they are very similar in terms of consistency. This one is slightly creamier in my opinion, but both are fast absorbing. The smell is similar too. I absolutely love the smell of Visionnaire, but this one is nice too (although would probably prefer no fragrance). The results are definitely superior to Visionnaire thus far, I just hope they continue. My skin looks glowy, more even, pores appear refined... All the same benefits I got from Visionnaire without the hefty price tag! I will just add that there are a couple different products in this line and I found it a little confusing. There are 2 texture perfectors by Loreal and they have the exact very similar pink packaging and bottle. The difference is one has LHA + LR 2412 and the other (the one I'm reviewing) has LR 2412 + Perline-P. Everything is basically the same on the packaging except for one of the benefits the product lists. The LHA mentiones it smooths lines whereas this one says it evens and brightens skin tone. I'm only 26 so lines aren't an issue yet, plus I hate LHA, it makes me break out. It's a bit like BHA, but it's meant to be more gentle I believe. There's also a day/night cream, as well as a primer type cream which blurs pores and is meant to tighten them over time. I'm definitely going to try these products since I'm so impressed with this one! I am a self confessed brand snob and would normally never consider a serum from a drugstore, but I'm so glad I did! I'm a convert! Just goes to show, expensive is not always better. Definitely recommend giving this one a go :)

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5 years ago

THIS STUFF WORKS! KEEPS ME MATTE ALL DAY LONG! I have only used this for a week and had been using the Youthcode Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher which is very similar but might help with pores a little more than this. But i will say this....I've NEVER EVER found any makeup, primer, powder etc that will keep me matte...i have to blotte at minimum a couple times per day but with this? I didnt blot all day long! Not once! Crazy! It hasn't broke me out which if I'm going to break out, I break out immediately so after a week, it's passed the test on that. I use quite a bit of moisturizer each day along with a powder foundation and a moisturizing sunscreen and I still stay matte with this! I'm just hoping it isnt going to dry me out but so far so good. I think it has some magical little powder spheres that absorb oil and they work! Definitely worth a try. I'm combo skin but always get a little shiny within a couple hours so you gals with more oil production will be amazed! I put it on first before moisturizer. First time I thought...well this isn't going to do anything especially since I used moisturizer over top but it did! It's a matting miracle I tell ya! I'm even going to write to L'Oreal! Cant wait to see what others think!

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