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5 years ago

I bought a LUMI+ from evoDerma about 2 months ago to give IPL hair removal another try after disliking the TRIA one due to it hurting too much. All I can say is... wow. I am very happy with the results and wish I could tell everyone about how much better the LUMI Is in comparison to Tria. For one, it doesn't hurt at all like the Tria did - the flashes felt more like a gentle "buzz" (the best I can describe) and had a little amount of heat. It made it so much easier to do my legs and less scared to do more, uh - sensitive areas. They also included some protective glasses which I didn't get with Tria which is nice .. the only thing I will say is to be careful about your eyes when using the LUMI+ because it is BRIGHT. Overall, I found the results to be great - after 2 months i'm half way through the treatment process but I already notice that my hair is becoming lighter and "falling out" easily. Generally, I would recommend the LUMI+ to anyone who has been put off by the pain of other IPL devices like I experienced with Tria. Overall I'm really happy with my decision and think this is a way better product that deserves more attention. Since I'm the first to post about them, just google evoDerma or something to get their website

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