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3 years ago

No pain no gain, like applying Tabasco sauce in paste form. Really works and has an awesome sensation on your face. Don't get near eyes. Love the DUo product that has both this and the cooling pack in one, I used them both up and repurchased already several times. Love feeling like a spa at home. I have very oily skin embarrassing blackheads for a 40 year old I must use every other day and with consistent use, it really does show results!!

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4 years ago

I've been trying out a lot of Asian skincare lately and although there have been both hits and misses, the one consistent positive has been that these products are SO GENTLE. I haven't had a single product-induced breakout or any adverse reactions, for that matter. Some masks seem to suck every molecule of moisture off of my face or irritate to the point of turning me a very unflattering shade of tomato red, but the Caolion Blackhead Pore Pack is certainly not one of those malevolent masks. After spreading it on, it feels warm on the skin - not uncomfortably so, but definitely apparent. It's actually kind of a reassuring sensation, like the mask is really doing its job. 5-10 minutes of waiting and a rinse later, cue the angelic choir. My face looks and feels fantastic, freed from the "dirty" appearance of blackheads and clogged pores. Now this isn't a miracle worker that makes the impurities completely vanish, but it really does minimize the appearance of pores. The price per oz. is a tad bit higher than average, but for the wonderful results, I don't mind shelling out a few extra dollars.

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6 years ago

So...clogged pores create a vicious cycle where the pore will stretch as sweat is released around what is clogging your pore. So you can squeeze out the pore or use pore strips (the latter far better than the former) but this tends to stress and stretch the skin/pores. But this mask warms after application...it heats up the face (a lot) and the heat opens up the pores. Once the pore is opened up, the charcoal powder (very good at absorbing toxins) effectively draws out the dirt and other unwanted things jammed into those poor pores. AWESOME product. We've tried other warming masks but the Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack warms the face up considerably more and drew out more impurities than the others. DISCLOSURE: This product is available for sale at www.peachandlily.com

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SkinCombination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

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