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a year ago

I got this in luminous lilac wich is a soft shimmery pink/ mauve lipcolor. You put the lipcolor first then let it set for 1 minute then you put the lip balm over it to keep your lips moist and hydrated. I use a lip liner too with it in a soft pink mauve color.it stays fairly long on the lips. Verry nice pink! Love it!

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5 years ago

Its not like a lip gloss where its overly shiny. its not like lipstick, it just sort of makes my lips look like they are naturally pink. which is really cool, if you like to wear makeup but want to fool people into thinking you're naturally beautiful. it also smells really delightful. omg like berry muffins!!! -downside- it sorta dries my lips out! -upside- it comes with its own moisturizer type thing. *my new favorite lip product*

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6 years ago

Yikes how disappointing! This new range of "luminous" colors (as opposed to the classic range which is more matte) has a few very pretty shades, so I got "Starlit Pink", a gorgeous pinky peachy frosty shade that looks great on my fair complexion. But as pretty as the shade is, the quality of the product itself is BAD. I applied the first step, the color, and let it dry for 60 seconds as instructed, without rubbing my lips together. It dried fast, but when it did, I noticed all my lip lines were extremely visible, and my mouth looked cracked when I smiled! I applied the second step, the stick gloss, hoping it would mask the cracked look and moisturize, but nope...the cracks were still obvious, just a bit glossier. Not a pretty look! A few minutes later, the product started feeling gritty on my lips, which soon became annoying. I could definitely feel the product on my lips, so maybe an hour later I decided to wash it off. Well, this product is so hard to remove, I recommend using an oil and a scrub, regular cleanser won't do it. I'm afraid this goes in the trash can. I love the color, but the texture of the product is too gross to put up with.

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