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6 years ago

I am half chinese and have very straight and short eyelashes so was looking for a product that had no side effects but would help with growth. After using it for 4 weeks I did notice a difference in length - my lashes had definitely grown and there were lashes in areas which were previously lacking so was really pleased with it. I have continued to use it and haven't really noticed much more of a difference but hoping I am maintainng the growth that I first experienced by continuing to use the product! I didn't expect much with this product, having used the Mavala Double lash and experienced no results but thought this product was much better. However, I have noticed some milia on one of my eyes which may be a result of this product (and my rather clumsy application to my lashes which often ends up with the product on my eyelid) so have taken one star off, though i can't be sure it was this product as I recently changed my eye cream as well. Overall I would purchase again.

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6 years ago

This was an impulse purchase just because I wanted something additional to add to my Amazon cart to reach a certain dollar amount. I didn't expect much from this but wanted to enhance my sparse lashes. The application technique is simple...use the doefoot applicator to apply to the lash line, then use the mascara-type wand to apply to lashes. I love the packaging, I like the way that you can apply to the lash line as well as lashes, so really maximizing the treatment. It didn't sting when first applied (and my eyes are very sensitive) but I did develop a horrendous allergic reaction to just one use of this product. I applied to my upper lashes only, and the lash line, before I went to bed. I woke up with the skin around my eyes bright red and swollen, and very itchy. I knew it was this product so (obviously) didn't use it again. The swelling subsided after a day or two but I threw this product out immediately. It's a pity that there's no way to test sensitivity to this before buying as it may be an expensive mistake for those with sensitive eyes.

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