DB Designer Brands - Hi-Lights Illuminator

 DB Designer Brands - Hi-Lights Illuminator


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Package Quality: 5.0

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Package Quality: 5.0

Price: $$


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Age: 36-43

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Warm

Hair: Blond, Other, Fine

Eyes: Blue

I've got pretty fond of this chubby little guy. Hi-Lights is a liquid-cream luminescent highlighter like Benefit High Beam - but better! "Starlight" is a fresh pale pink lovely on cool or fair skin, in winter or with smoky looks. Highbeam is warmer, golden pink. "Bronzing" is more a golden tan, looks amazing for summer with apricot/orange lips and bronzed eyes, or anytime with a tan or warmed up skin.

Hi-Lights has a doe-foot so its easy to dot the tip on its end for the tiniest amount, or, swipe the applicator on its side for intense placement. I'm not keen on the Benefit brush, it usually puts on too much and the bottle somehow always tips over! Anyway, for everyday I place a row of tiny dots of Hi-Lights directly where I want them, then pat/blend out with my ring or pinky finger to a delicate barely there petal luminescence. I've also worn it more intensely on stage for a dramatic metal sheen and it looked amazing.

Like High-Beam it can be worn anywhere you like, cheeks, brow-bone, bow of lip ect. NO horrible sparkles its fine enough for mature skin like mine. Can be worn on bare skin, under or over foundation, even after powder and doesn't cake. No scent. Does not irritate my super sensitive skin and the ingredients list is short and simple. Super affordable and good quality! I can't think of anything I don't like and I am super picky ha, ha.

Designer Brands is made in Australia and does not test on animals. Does not hide the testing by having a parent company who do it for them (Mac, Revlon, Avon, L'Oreal ect). Don't sell in China (who MAKE everyone animal test except them, ugg).

I was looking for an alternative to High-Beam, which I loved but caused me sensitivity, redness, dry skin flaking and breakouts in the area I used it. (Posie Tint was ok, turned out it does not have a particularly bad ingredient that I am sensitive to). Not knowing why I switched to Hi-Lights and loved it - even more beautiful on me than High-Beam - but it gave me exactly the same reactions so I did my research on both ingredients lists and found....

The culprit that causes skin reactions in many people is the cheap synthetic form of VITAMIN E, or TOCOPHERYL ACETATE. (The Tocopherol, form is more natural, and understand is a bit less harsh. For example, Mac put the cheaper acetate form in their lipglosses which make my lips peel, but they put the more natural Tocopherol form in their lipsticks, which I can wear for a few hours). This sounds good but it is not for the good of your skin. Tocopheryl Acetate is hidden in products as a cheap preservative to extend shelf life and increase profit margins, even though its a known Skin Sensitiser, causes Contact Dermatitis and increases the effects of UV light on the skin (ie increases the chance of burning, wrinkling and skin cancer) in alot of people. So many brands include this nasty preservative in lots or even most of their products (Mac, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Bath & BodyWorks, Benefit, Asian Brands, TheBalm and now DB Designer Brands, sob).

If you are finding continual problems with makeup, skincare and personal cares - even natural lipbalms and drugstore deodorants and eye drops can have Vitamin E in them! Its everywhere! Symptoms like dry sore lips, eyes or skin, rosocea of unknown cause, adult Acne, peeling lips, red puffy burning skin, or lash/brow fallout, MIGHT mean you are one of the many people who are sensitive to Vitamin E or Tocopheryl Acetate. If you are concerned, don't suffer! Read your ingredients lists and put aside ALL PRODUCTS that say Vitamin E, or Tocopheryl Acetate, or Tocopherol on the ingredients list for 2 weeks. See if it makes a difference to your skin and if you will benefit from shopping to avoid that ingredient in future. Some will, some won't. Its worth the short committment to find clear skin for the future. Oh, and your partner will have to avoid using Vitamin E products during the trial too - esp hand & body lotions and lip products - as they will spread to you when you touch.

I hope this helps. I still love my cosmetic companies high and low but am being careful to check the ingredients list of any product before I buy now to avoid Vitamin E. It works for me to keep my skin clear. Lancome and Guerlain seem not to use this ingredient much, sometimes Revlon is ok. On the hunt for more low end brands to switch to :)

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