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4 years ago

i bought this during a sale and recently started using it. the colour I have was or201 which the previous reviewer it is quite neon and has a orangey tone which is very Korean. its either a love or a hate due to its strong tone. for me I really love this product as it is cheap and super long lasting. does not come out even after drinking however product does come out when I ate some dim sums. i recommend it if you are going to have a drink and maybe some light eating .it has a nice scent as well. as similar to all lip stains/lacquer/ liquid lipsticks it can be a little drying and emphasize the lip lines. I'm not sure if etude is still selling this as they always have seasonal products especially lippies but do go try it if you have a chance.

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4 years ago

This can be a drying product for some people, but since its light and comfortable on the lips, its not a huge problem for me. Its not exactly a liquid lipstick, but it stays really well - Id say its semi smudgeable. Its blendable and I use it when I want to add a bit of vibrancy to my lips, you can top it with lip gloss - it wont be dispupted by the gloss/balm, like other regular liquid lipsticks, this was designed to be toppen with gloss/balm. I personally absolutely love the smell, it reminds me of fresh vine. I have three shades and just ordered two more. Only downside is the price (on ebay), Im not sure how much it costs in Korea or elsewhere. Also the shade description can be slighty deceiving, for example the shade 301red is actually a hot pink, the201OR is very neon, be aware :)

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6 years ago

The packaging is cute overall ( no wonder it's Etude House ^^). The scent is very intense like chewing gum and doesn't fade away. The pigmentation is absolutely great but the lipstick dries out the lips. If you don't eat anything greasy the color stays extremely well and won't fade. I highly recommend to exfoliate the lips before using. Unfortunately this product dries out the lips... if you want additional information you can also check out my blog; I actually did a full review on this ^^ http://www.blackforesttart.com/2014/03/17/etude-house-color-lips-fit/

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