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2 years ago

Shiseido is a Japanese brand and in Asia I have found some of the BEST UV creams that are so light, non-sticky and usually even have skincare benefits to them such as aloe or calming plant extracts, so I'm really confused how a Japanese brand sunscream can be so thick, greasy and full of chemical fragrances. Totally opposite of what I was expecting from such a luxury brand and for the price. Also, my eyes are hardly ever irritated, having this near my eyes made them water so bad and made it seem like I'm having an allergy or a flu because of how red they were. And they market it as a urban enviromental sunscream. If I were in a hot, sunny & steamy city and sweating all day, the last thing I'd want is this melting on my face.

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2 years ago

This is fairly moisturizing but it contains a lot of alcohol and fragrance. Hence it did not work well for my sensitive skin. Would be a top-notch sunscreen without the aforementioned irritants though.

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3 years ago

At first this product was a surprise - I'm used to other Shiseido sunscreen formulas that I can use on top of a moisturizer. I thought it was too rich until I read the description again ... it is meant to be very moisturizing. This is my only sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer - and for a mother of three this is a definite plus in the morning. Now I use it straight after washing, possibly a dab of eye cream/ Power Infusing Concentrate first. The same amount as for a moisturizer seems to do the trick. This sunscreen works well with makeup. It takes up to ten minutes to sink in and if I use makeup I dab my face with a sponge before I add some powder. The result is flawless and lasts all day. My skin looks fresh and hydrated. I went from slightly disappointed to loving it in about a week. If you're on the dry side and would like a 2 in 1 product that will make your skin look fabulous while it protects your skin all day long, then this is for you. If you're even a little bit greasy, or if you want "ordinary" sunscreen, choose one of their oil-free formulas, or a different brand.

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6 years ago

One of the best uv protection cream i ve ever used!! No white color left!! Really smoothing and ideal for dry skin!! I highly recommend this product!!

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6 years ago

Worst sunscreen that I ever tried. I have been over-thrilled finally finding very light cream moisturizing cream with spf 50, with good texture, and it seemed to be just what I was looking for. Both me and my husband were using it, and we didn't manage to use it longer than 2-3 days. it is such a waste of the money! It is so aggressive that although I never apply sunblock near my eyelids, my eyes were itching me all day, and I was looking like crying. Both of us had extreme eye irritation. My husband also who normally doesn't have sensitive eyes like I have, had same problem all the time. I never experienced anything similar. Would highly advise not buying before testing it few days!

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