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a year ago

Unfortunately this mascara didn't work for me. I live in a very humid climate and I have quite oily skin. Even though this mascara is waterproof it smudged on me and it didn't give me enough volume. When I applied more coats to build it up it flaked. On the positive side it's extremely easy to remove with my regular micellar water by Garnier.I wouldn't personally recommend this!

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3 years ago

I'm shocked this product doesn't have more reviews, and more positive reviews at that - it's my holy grail mascara! I discovered it about a year and a half ago and I haven't been without it since. The formula works a treat for my fine, straight lashes and give them that natural, yet doll-like look that I've been trying to get for years but never managed to achieve. This mascara works to that end specifically because it is - as other reviewers have noted - a rather dry formulation; wetter formulas will weigh fine lashes down. I use the waterproof variety since anything else will wilt the curl I get from my eyelash curler (high maintenance lashes, what can I say) and after I play with it a bit - add a few coats, comb it through - I get significant length, and thickness while still having a very natural look, as though my own lashes were just lovely. I adore this mascara and find that I like it even better after a few weeks as it's begun to dry out even more in the tube. Even though it's quite a dry formula, the waterproof version doesn't flake on me, and the smudging is minimal. If you have stick-straight, fine lashes like me and crave long, curled, and full lashes that still look like yours, give this mascara a try!

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3 years ago

Theres is a love/hate relationship between me and this mascara. At first, I loved it!!! I loved how it separated my lashes and make them look big!! But, it started to flake!!! I noticed that it was very dry, I don't know if that was only mine's but I started to notice those black dots on my skin, just horrible. I then setted with a top coat and it actually fetl better and didn't flake that much. Still don't really use it.

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4 years ago

I bought this product when I was in Italy and saw there was a ton of Kiko Cosmetics store located around. The products are pretty inexpensive there so I decided to buy a few mascaras, one of them being the Unforgettable Mascara. I bought the waterproof version of this mascara as I always use waterproof. I've worn this mascara for a couple of weeks now and like other reviewers said, it is on the drier side. I don't mind the dryness as long as it's applicable(?) I have used very dry mascaras which have not applied anything to my lashes but this one does, so it works. I can see why many people don't like it - because it's drying. It takes a while before any product is deposited on the lashes. I don't have much lashes so I don't need to do that many coats. This mascara is a good every day natural look mascara,. for me. It doesn't really have any volumizing properties in it and not too much lengthening either, just gives a more darker lash look. But if you already have long lashes, then this would just emphasize the long lashes but don't make them va-va-voom type thing. The wand is curved a bit and wand bristles are the typical mascara spooly brush. the packaging is a bit heavy and the waterproof one comes in a silver matte with blue writing. I don't detect a smell when I use the mascara. I have not experienced any clumping as of yet, and maybe it's because it is a drier formulation.I have had a bit of smudging though on my lower eye. My eyelids are really oily so many mascaras smudge on me and this one does a little. I apply the Clarins Double Fix on top to help reduce the smudge, but there is still some. For people with normal to drier eyelids, I don't believe this would be a problem. Other than that, if you want to try this product, I'd say go for it as it is quite inexpensive and good attempt to try different products. However, I would not repurchase because it smudges on me but I'm glad I tried it.

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5 years ago

I love this stuff! It definitely leans towards the drier side so for those of you who much prefer wetter mascaras, this is not for you. For me however, it volumizes my fairly thin lashes BEAUTIFULLY, and also provides a decent amount of length. It is not a lengthening mascara by any means, so I like to layer this on top of my Covergirl Lashblast Length mascara for volume and length. I also love the packaging of this - it has a bit of weight to it, and this combined with the silver of the tube gives a luxurious feel to what was such a reasonably priced product. Would definitely recommend!

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6 years ago

Too dry.

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