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2 years ago

Love this cleanser . It comes in many variations but I love this best. It’s almost like oil mixed in with gel without oiliness and it foams slightly . Very gentle on the skin , cleansers well without drying out the skin , non irritating and smells nice . Good for combi to dry skin .

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SkinAcne-prone, Fair-Medium



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4 years ago

I tried this product for about 2 weeks and I would say just like all the reviews and blog reviews that I have read, it is really moisturising. After using for 1 week daily, there was a very noticeable difference to my skin feel. It feels more moisturised and was less red overall. Btw I have dry, oily T-zone and acne-prone skin. The price for this product is really cheap for the price given. Packaging is simple and nice! At first the smell was really nice, then after a few uses to me it smelt very strong chemical smell but i got used to it after 1 week so its okay now. However, I think it does not remove dirty effectively. I used loose powder on my T-zone and forehead and after 2 days pimples appeared! Even the areas where I did not use any makeup products also have pimples and most of them are the type that has no head underneath the skin. So I constantly feel like i have to cleanse 2 times to feel like my face is clean. I also feel that it does not effectively remove excess oil on my T-zone. I would recommend to use a cleanser to remove all the dirty and excess oil first then use this as like a conditioner for the skin after the foam cleanse wash. If you have acne-prone skin, I wont recommend you use this as a cleanser. If you have dry skin, I strongly recommend you to get this. Overall I would still buy this again and get another cleanser.

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AgeUnder 18

SkinAcne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm

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6 years ago

I've never used cleansing creams so I can't compare this to anything on the market but I really like this product. I wear full makeup almost every day. Moisturizer, primer, foundation, blush, powder..the works. Face wash alone isn't always enough to make me feel like I've removed it all and washing my face twice just leaves it dry. I've been using this to help break down the majority of my makeup before washing. I follow this up with Nature Republic Aloe Soothing & Cleansing foam cleanser. This product alone does a good job of breaking down and removing my makeup and it is very moisturizing. So moisturizing in fact that in a pinch I could get away with using this alone (no face wash or moisturizer) for a while if I had to. The though has crossed my mind... just to see the results. Just to see how well it removed my makeup I've skipped the face wash a couple of times and just followed this with a toner to see what was left behind which has been nothing. This alone can get all of my makeup off. Even though it's very moisturizing I haven't had any issues with clogged pores or break outs. I deducted one lippie because while I like that this is moisturizing, the residual moisturizers left on the skin do feel a lil heavy right after rinsing/wiping it off so I usually wipe the excess off with a towel. The price is nice if you have a Nature Republic store near you. We have one inside KP International Market in Rancho Cordova, CA (near Sacramento). I paid less than $7 for a tub that will last about 3 months. It also smells amazing. In fact everything in their Aloe line smells amazing and I highly recommend checking it out.

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