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4 years ago

The version of this essence I am reviewing is the lite version in royal blue box, it's called Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence 96.5%. I am not crazy about the Korean beauty products which I have sampled on and off for years, mostly because they are too gentle, and quite ineffective for my skin. I am also a person who loves simplicity, I believe less is more, so I much prefer multi-tasking dermatologist-type skincare products, it saves me money as well as time. I had used SK-II essence for awhile, it drastically brightened my skin complexion, hydrated and tightened my skin, I like it very much. They are both very expensive, and eventually I have chosen Skinceuticals's C E Ferulic serum over SK-II essence instead, for a better well-around protection against free radicals and promote skin recovery. So, this Intense Care Lite Essence is an economical version of SK-II essence, with a higher percentage of the active ingredient, galactomyces. This becomes a must-try product. I got 2 bottles of 150ml as a package for roughly S53 USD. This is a light-weight essence, does not stink, with quick absorption, and leaves soft and supple, it does brighten up my skin a bit after roughly a week of use, and the improvement isn't that big. What I had with SK-II essence was an overnight makeover kind of skin improvement, despite of having a higher percentage of galactomyces, this one does not wow me like SK-II does. This is not a HG, but I consider this to be not bad for the cost-effectiveness. Nor is it what I would want to use as a toner or essence. I would soak cotton pads in it and use it as a hydrating mask.

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4 years ago

I purchased this on sale along with the 96,5% Galactomyces Essence at a Korean shop and have used it on and off for about 3 months. I used to break out a lot, but ever since I started using this, everything cleared up. I'm not exactly sure if this is what cleared my skin so drastically, but it definitely helped moisturize my face! I've used this in conjunction with other products such as the Avene Skin Recovery cream and the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser from Murad and so far so good! I will be repurchasing if I ever run out! xo

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5 years ago

This kind of broke me out. I used the oil free version but i think the skii pitera and missha version is better.

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6 years ago

i bought two bottles around 40USD, this is a Dup with SKII, this make my pore looks smaller and fade away my pimples scar. love it and it's so cheap

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