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9 months ago

PURE REGRET! I bought both the 'Rainforest Grown'shampoo and the conditioner and neither of them work for anyone in my family. I personally have fine wavy hair. The Conditioner made my hair extremely tangly and didn't condition them at all. The shampoo left my hair feeling quite dry and caused them dandruff. All my family used the shampoo and complained about causing them dandruff. And my sister who has colored hair complained about the conditioner that it didn't make her hair any softer. I would not recommend these products to anyone, unless you are bald! If you're planning to spend that much money on hair products I would recommend the John Master's Zinc Shampoo and the Avocado-Lavender Conditioner.

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3 years ago

Reviewing this in combination with the Rahua shampoo. Have never found a shampoo/conditioner combo that makes my hair so incredibly shiny, bouncy, full and healthy looking! For reference I have very fine textured hair that is wavy in some parts and straightish in others. It often looks thin and flat due to how fine the strands are, and often gets fuzzy. Rahua makes it get less fuzzy and look so full and shiny! I tried a sample and had to immediately buy the full product. I usually use natural shampoos & conditioners like Shikaii and Andalou, and they were ok and WAY better than the standard sulfate and silicone hair products, but overall they were just "meh." I also had started having trouble with my scalp getting flaky - not sure if it was dryness or product build up. Rahua cleans nicely but never dries out my scalp, and I have had no flakies since starting to use this about 6 months ago. I also find I can wash my hair every 2 to 3 days because my scalp stays balanced and doesn't get too oily, so one bottle does last a long time. The ingredients are lovely too. The only thing I don't love is the price - it is expensive! But I buy it at Dermstore when they run their frequent 20% off sales, so that makes it more manageable. Overall an A+++. It does not weigh my fine hair down or build up in hair, and provides the perfect amount of moisture.

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4 years ago

I purchased a 2 oz. bottle of this to check out after I received a generous sample with purchase. After having used in in several different seasons, I have come to the conclusion that this product simply is not for me. I had high hopes in the beginning because on the first day after washing, this would leave my hair so soft to the touch. By the next day, my fine hair felt almost dry and become knotty and generally unhappy. This was especially the case in the winter, when my hair gets static attack. I need a conditioner that is more nourishing, but that does not weigh my hair down.

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5 years ago

Worked great for my wavy, long, blonde hair. Smells earthy, like myrrh oil. How they managed to moisturize deeply without weighing my fine hair down is beyond me. However, had to discontinue use, ONLY because of the $30+ price tag. If I had the money this would be my everyday conditioner.

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6 years ago

I really like this for a natural conditioner - it might be a tad too much for my short fine color treated hair. I use only a tiny bit and don't use every day. They do make a volumizing conditioner too. I may try it next. With my hair being short, conditioners (any) are not as important to me as shampoo since I get trimmed every 6 weeks. Crazy expensive, but if your hair is dry, damaged, give it a shot. Look for on line specials, too.

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