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4 years ago

These are good face wipes! They are very gently and remove all of my eye makeup. They also really make my face feel clean which is great for when you're cheating on washing your face! I didn't notice any film left on my face, but I always use a face spray after using wipes in case of residue (I've never found one that doesn't leave a little something on your skin).

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6 years ago

I grabbed these because the drug store was out of my usual Ponds wipes. The claims on the package are as follows: Suggested for all skin types, gently removes makeup, and deeply cleanses. I've been using these wipes for over a month now and I find that they do remove nearly all of my makeup and are gentle enough for use near the eyes. However, they leave behind a weird film which I assume is supposed to be moisturizing but, to me, it just felt sticky and I found myself washing it off. If I did not wash off the film, I broke out. This was the only thing I'd changed in my skin care routine, so these were definitely the culprit. I will not repurchase, as the point (IMO) of makeup removing wipes is to skip the face washing step on nights when you don't have the energy, or for throwing in your purse when going on vacation so you don't have to lug around bottles of face wash. If I have to wash my face despite using the wipes, they're pointless for me. On the other hand, if you use wipes and always follow up with washing your face, I'm sure these will do the trick for you just as well as any other makeup wipe.

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