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Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare


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Package Quality: 5.0

Price: $$$$

Package Quality: 5.0

Price: $$$$


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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Grey

I must say I indeed loveeeeeeee this stuff, I have gotten samples since march 17th continues today April 25th. I love the smell of it even though a few would not. It just has a classy feel to it. Le jour has kept my acne down and La nuit has prep my skin for the morning giving such a glow. I used facial hair remover to get those tiny hairs about a week and half ago, followed by a facial bleach a day after to try to lighten my acne spots, which was a complete flop. It made me break out so I decided not to put anything on my face and skip my regular face routine for a couple of days, just wash my face and moisturize. I think that was the biggest mistake. My acne was still there getting worst, and spreading, was so depressed until I decided to commence my routine which included using le jour and la nuit, and let me tell you how incredible my face looks at the moment. My acne has dried up, my skin is so smooth and supple with a glow. Just unbelievable! Can't wait to purchase the set for my birthdayyyy...

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on 10/21/2013 12:40:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Normal, Tan, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

2ND UPDATE 10/29/13:

i went to see my chanel SA after the last update i posted. i told her i didnt think i could make it through the winter using only jour de chanel as a day moisturizer.

she told me that jour de chanel is meant to be used as a serum, applied UNDER a moisturizer. im writing a separate review for it cause im out of space on this review.

UPDATE 10/26/13:

the temperature in dc has dropped significantly since i wrote my initial review barely a week ago. with the winds rising and temps dropping, i can already tell that the jour de chanel day cream isnt going to cut it through the winter. my skin has felt dusty, tight, and dry for the past 3 days. im realizing that my search for the perfect daily moisturizer isnt over yet.

im not removing any stars from my rating because i still think this line is really nice. i started using these creams at the beginning of august, and until the temps dropped this week, my skin looked and felt AMAZING. the jour de chanel serum is the perfect moisturizer for mild and warm temperatures. very light.

my skin is on the dry side of the spectrum, as i mentioned a few times in my original review. i need a heavy-duty moisturizer when it starts to get cold. im going to keep using the night and weekend creams because i think they will do just fine year-round, but im gonna leave the day cream for when spring rolls around next year.

keep that in mind if you live in a city that gets very cold in the winter! :-)


chanel's new "resynchronizing skincare" line is a three-part system that includes a day cream, a night cream, and a weekend cream that you use both day and night on saturdays and sundays.

im lucky to have a very nice and generous SA at nordstrom who gave me nearly a months worth of samples so i could do a trial of this system before deciding whether or not to buy it. the price tag is pretty high at $85/bottle for the day and night creams, and $115 for the weekend cream.

first off, the details: the packaging is practical and and simple. they come in 50ml square bottles with a pump that seems to measure exactly the amount you need for daily application. i find the caps a bit annoying and they can be hard to pry off if your hands already have some kind of product on them. (i use a serum underneath these creams, so i struggle with these dang caps every time). overall though, i like the simplicity of the packaging and to resolve the cap issue i may just start resting the caps on top of the pumps instead of closing them properly.

onto the actual products. i use chanel hydra beauty serum and hydra beauty eye gel underneath these creams, just to give my skin a little extra product because it tends to be on the dryer side.

the day cream: "le jour de chanel". this one is a pearly, liquidy moisturizer that looks and feels more like a serum. it comes in a white bottle, it is salicylic acid based, and it contains "grasse jasmine extract" which means absolutely nothing to me, but whatever. the day cream is my favorite out of this whole set. it really minimizes my pores, and my skin feels tight (in a good way) and smooth as silk throughout the day. the only negative i can think of is that sometimes i use stridex pads in the morning, and when i combine it with this day cream, its salicylic overload and i get a bit of stinging and redness around my cheeks for 15 minutes or so. it is definitely the least moisturizing out of the resynchronizing set, so if dryness is a serious problem for you, i wouldnt really recommend this one.

the night cream: "la nuit de chanel". this one is in a black bottle, has the thickest consistency of all the three moisturizers, and the main active ingredient is hyaluronic acid. it also contains "frankincense extract" which, again, means nothing to me. this cream goes on really smoothly and my skin feels great when i go to bed, but i dont notice any dramatic results the next day. overall, using all three of these moisturizers together, i have noticed a general improvement in the appearance of my skin, but i kind of expected more from this night cream-- perhaps plumper looking skin or smoothing of really fine creases. maybe im asking too much!

last but not least, the weekend cream: "le weekend de chanel". comes in a frosted translucent bottle, has the consistency of a normal daily moisturizer, and the main ingredient in this one is glycolic acid. it also contains rose water, which i love. this cream is nothing exciting when you put it on. as i just mentioned, there is nothing special about the consistency, its not thick, or pearly like a serum. however, i feel like my skin glows on the weekends when i use this cream. it seems to even out my skin tone, and it gives me a silky feel very much like the day cream does. it almost makes my skin look like porcelain. i still prefer the serum-like consistency of the day cream, but this one doesnt irritate my skin (since it doesnt contain salicylic acid) and it feels way more moisturizing.

overall im really pleased with this system, but i dont have any serious skin concerns as of now. i really recommend asking your chanel SA for some samples because i can imagine that some people would be disappointed in these creams depending on what kind of results they are looking for. there is nothing miraculous here-- its just a nice daily moisturizing system. for me, it keeps my skin smooth and clear and just the type i want it to be: not too dry, not oily. its a nice daily set to use if you dont mind plunking down $300 twice a year or so. (i think these bottles can last longer than that, probably).

if i could change anything about these creams, it would be the fragrance. the weekend cream especially, which seems to be the strongest smelling of the lot. its floral type of scent, but could possibly be headache-inducing to those who are uber sensitive to fragrance.

tl;dr: nice for everyday use, dont expect miracles, best for normal skin types, not good for th

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