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4 months ago

I bought this on a whim while shopping at Aldi's yesterday. To be honest, I have no idea of why other than the fact that it was only $6, and I don't have any SPF 15 products just for quick trots out to the shops or stepping outside on lower UV ray days. Whatever purpose this would serve, it was a complete and total miss for me. I was shocked to find that the colour 'Fair' was bronzer brown, but that turned out to be a non-problem and it spreads so thinly that it covers nothing, smears any concealers underneath, and leaves a yellowish-brown hue to the skin that looks completely unnatural. I went for reapplication of my concealer/s (I use Lancome for the eye area and another for the occasional blotch/blemish elsewhere on the face), but it was to no avail as it all wore off in the oily mire of this BB cream, despite having used a heavy-duty setting powder and blotting away with rice paper all day. Conclusion: I've tossed it in the bin and am not going to bother trying any other salvage attempts. It isn't buildable - yes I tried a few layers to try to use up the small amount I'd doled out - and yet it leaves enough colour and grease behind for the entire face to dribble off in a couple of hours. Honestly, the only Lacura product I've found that seems to be okay for me is the Naturals Anti-Aging Day Cream with Liquorice Extract Oil & Silk Protein. I don't even know what this BB cream is actually meant to be A very oily tinted moisturiser you couldn't that barely makes the 'tint' stakes. An SPF15 to thin to provide the kind of coverage needed to be effective (remembering that you need about a teaspoon of a standard SPF cream to cover the face effectively against all UV rays). Greasy. Marge Simpson yellow skin doesn't do it for me. Now I don't dare try their foundation lest I break out (as I've done with their face powder and other products), Maybe I try out their products at a time when my skin is particularly prone to breaking out...

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4 years ago

After finishing my Dior BB cream (which I shelled out an unsuprisingly high price for) I'd heard about Aldi's Lacura range and their BB cream that was much cheaper. It's consistency is little thick when it comes out of the tube so you only need a pea sized amount. After applying it on my face, I'd say it gave my face a natural colour that was a shade or two darker than my actual skin tone without looking fake or washed out. For me any makeup applied over the top was easy to work with. I thought I'd found a cheap BB cream that looked good! BUT after several hours of wear at work it did not last the day in the warmer weather -- to my horror my face looked incredibly oily and as someone with combination skin, this was too much for my skin. The cream smeared off really easily in places above my mouth and forehead leaving the colour looking "patchy", so I had to frequently go to powder excess oil from my face. After several weeks of using the cream, I started to get breakouts on my face for the first time since being a teenager. I just want a cream that doesn't require so much effort to maintain within a day and it just seemed to be too much of an effort to keep powdering my face to prevent shine. Probably best for someone with skin on the dry side, but mine did not take to this well at all.

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7 years ago

I cannot believe how good this product is. I have been wanting to try a BB cream for some time as a lighter alternative to foundation, and have tried may samples of well know brands such as l'Oreal, Olay etc. This is the only one I like, the rest seem to leave your face very shiny, emphasise pores and the colour and texture is never right. The light shade is perfect for my skin and blends in well, it is like natural skin but better. The texture is good, quite thick and gel-like and gives an even coverage. I rarely wear make up but would be happy to use this in place of my usual Dior foundation. I have been impressed with al the Lacura products I have tried so far.

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7 years ago

Lacura cosmetics (from Aldi) are great value/effective products but I have to say their BB cream is an exception. Their BB cream is more of a tinted moisturiser, very soothing when applied to the skin and feels light and comfortable. What I like about it is how easy it is to apply and I love the slightly fragranced scent. What I don't like about it is that it does not work like a BB cream, it has ZERO coverage and after application, my face looks like it is still bare--well the purpose of using a BB cream is to see some "effect" on the face. There are clearly no visible benefits after use. I've also tried applying loose powder over Lacura BB cream to get a fresh "naked" look (can't find the words to describe *LOL*) and I've found that it doesn't "hold" the powder effectively. This would be best used as a make-up base before foundation (or using a real BB cream). However, there is NO oil-control properties as well, so maybe if you're not going to go out in the sun and sweat profusely, this will do. If Lacura improves the formula of their current BB cream, I would definitely purchase to try. But as of now, no.

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