Bumble & Bumble Thickening Creme Contour

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Creme Contour
Thickening Creme Contour


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Package Quality: 4.2

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Package Quality: 4.2

Price: $$$$


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on 4/3/2016 10:50:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

I've been searching for a product that would give my layered lob that piece-y separation that's so on trend right now. I've tried at least a dozen texturizing sprays and found them all to be quite sticky. Almost all of them weighed my hair down and made it feel instantly dirty. I also didn't like the matte finish most of these sprays deliver. I have also tried wax products, including AG Spray Wax, Kenra Texture Wax (which is a mousse) and Sexy Hair Play Dirty, all of which left my hair with a strange coating that I really hated. I posted a photo of the style I'm going for on the hair board and a couple of people recommended Creme Contour. So I went to the BB website and uploaded the same photo and then live chatted with an SA asking her what product would deliver a similar look. She said that Creme Contour would be ideal. I told her I definitely did not want anything sticky and she assure me that CC wasn't and that it would give me the piece-y-ness while also giving me volume. However, when I asked her how to apply it, she gave me the directions from the website ad, which was somewhat disappointing. Hoping that this product would do the trick, I went to Sephora and purchased it, knowing that I could return it if it didn't work out (I have no idea if BB accepts returns). The first time I tried it I used it on freshly washed, dried and curled hair, starting with a dime sized amount. I rubbed the cream between my palms and then scrunched it into my hair while upside down, making sure I distributed it evenly throughout but avoiding the roots. This didn't seem to be enough so I used another dime size amount and did the same thing. Wow!! I finally got the separation I've been trying to get for the longest time. It also gave me some nice volume and shine and made my waves look terrific. Not exactly messy bedhead but a more controlled look, which I really liked. I added some flexible hold hairspray and went to work. That day, my finished style stayed in place all day. The next morning, my 'do still looked awesome so I added a little more Creme Contour and went about my day. My waves still looked great on the third day but I noticed it looked a little dirty but I added a bit more Creme Contour. But by the end of the day, my waves looked quite greasy so a shampoo was in order. The outcome of this description is that I probably used too much the first day and didn't really need to add more on subsequent days. Now that some time has passed my routine is this: I use a dime size amount the 1st day, no more. On the second day, I use the tiniest amount just to fluff and go because the effects of the product do seem to disappear somewhat over an extended period of time. If my waves last for a 3rd day, I use half of the original amount. I usually need to wash my hair every three or four days and I definitely need to do this at this point. This product washed out completely with a sulfate free shampoo leaving no residue whatsoever. The moral of this story is that this is definitely a great product. It delivers piece-y separation and some light texture while also giving my hair volume and some added thickness. I do use Living Proof Prime Style Extender, so that might have something to do with the fact that my hair stays in place really well for several days but it's also likely that Creme Contour has some decent hold to it. However, it's also true that if you use too much of this product, hair can look dirty or greasy so go easy on the amount, especially on the first day. My hair is shoulder length and a normal thickness so a dime size amount is plenty at first. You may find that you don't need to add any hairspray to your finished style but my hair is extremely hard to hold plus I live in Florida, the humidity capital of the planet, so my waves have a tendency to fall if I don't use it. I like Got2b Mind Blowing hairspray because it has light, yet strong, hold that works really well, no matter what the weather dishes out. It doesn't interfere with the tousled look that Creme Contour helps me create and is completely invisible because it allows some natural movement. Besides, I would feel totally naked without hairspray, lol! In sum, Creme Contour is exactly the product I've been looking for. It isn't the least bit sticky and when done properly, doesn't make my hair look dirty and doesn't give me the dreaded matte finish. I do use a silk pillowcase so that may be one reason my hair stays in place so well and I also don't move around when I sleep, which is a good thing as far as my hairdo is concerned. This jar of Creme Contour should last me a good long while since it takes so little to get the effect I want. This is a good thing because it's $31, which is definitely on the high side. However, when I consider all the $$ I've wasted on texturizing sprays I cringe. But true to my product junkie nature, I kept searching for my ultimate HG and finally found it in Creme Contour. I have tried other texturizing pastes but nothing remotely similar to this one. Redken Rewind and Beyond the Zone Matte Clay are nothing like Creme Contour. The BB SA was right: this product is ideal for the style I'm going for. I wouldn't be surprised if the starlet in the photo used the same thing, lol! I'm super pleased with this product and I highly recommend Creme Contour for all hair types. If you're looking for some light texture, some thickening properties and some nice volume, go no further. This product is easy to apply, just be judicious with the initial amount because you can always add more and stay clear of your roots. This worked great for me so hopefully it will work well for you. But buy it at Sephora, where you can return it if it turns out to be wrong for you. This is the first product I've been satisfied with in a long time. Yipee!!

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on 8/1/2015 7:09:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Blue

Before this came out, I used to use the old B&B Styling Wax, but it was, well, wax. I had to heat up the surface with a blow dryer to get it soft enough, and then scrubbing it off my hands was kind of a pain. And if I used too much, my hair looked greasy. It really wasn't the right product for me. I was happy when this creme came out, because I use it the same way I used the old styling wax, but it's so much more user friendly...and forgiving.

First of all, the texture is easy to work with. The instructions are to "melt a small amount in palms and smooth through dry hair." It's easy to spread. It's not sticky, greasy, or oily. I use it to fix dry, flyaway ends. I had a few frazzled pieces the other day because I'm due for a cut and the ends are getting to be like straw. It's summer and I live near a beach, what can I say? A dab of this allowed me to twist those splitting ends into cute little curls and points and I ended up with something of a style with very little effort. Great for layered cuts, that "piecey" look.

It doesn't weigh the hair down the way Styling Wax did. It gives you a little hold but it's very light hold, so you can still get your comb or brush through anything you've done. It doesn't harden like a statue. It's soft. Granted, it's not going to give you the same hold that Sumotech would, but that's a stiffer product.

I don't mind the fragrance in this because it's a light, clean smell, and I'm just using it on the ends of my hair. Just a dab over one fingertip is the amount I normally use.

My favorite Bumble and Bumble product is Brilliantine, but that's more of a shine product. Texture gives more hold than this, but the finish is matte and I think of it as more of a paste. Thickening Creme Contour gives you softness without adding much shine. It gives dry hair a sleeker look, tames splits. If you use a small amount throughout the hair, it can give you a subtle boost in volume. I like to have it in my arsenal.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Very Oily, Olive, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

Really love this, it's taken a lot of experimentation for me to find a product of this type that does something, but isn't too heavy for my hair. I have fine hair but a ton of it and it has a strong natural wave to it. My hair is short, about a chin length, and cut in a textured bob. I wear it wavy everyday, either I let it air dry or blow dry and curl it and then finish with texturizing spray and then take a small amount of this through the ends and it adds shine and hold without being too waxy and strong. I used Semisumo before and it was too waxy and heavy for my hair. I also used Oribe rough luxury and I loved that but it really needed to be worked into my hair, and doing so would destroy the wave in my hair. This is perfect, and provides actual shaping to my waves. I also think this is a good value for the price considering the small amount it takes to achieve my desired result. Would definitely recommend for finishing wavy/curly styles if you have finer hair.

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on 11/11/2013 4:27:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Normal, Fair, Warm

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

I bought this in addition to the Dryspun Finish and these together are amazing! My hair is long, past my brastrap, very fine, blond and at my age I have tried quite a few different lines in different price ranges and have decided that BB is the only one that is consistently worth the price. The thing is to experiment a bit, try less of the product, mix it with their other products which is fun because it really does produce different effects. How I use this product...I swipe a bit out of the jar so that my fingertips are evenly coated, not a lot!!! just a fine coating. Then I rake the underside of my hair, close to my scalp and it gives this lift I love. It smells sooo good too. I have very sensitive skin and I have had no breakouts using this against my scalp. The other way I use it is on the very tips of my hair. It keeps them separated and smooth and NO static when I'm wearing tech gear that produces static, like a nylon down vest or jacket for skiing or mountainbiking. I also sometimes carry Invisible Hairdressers Oil for that too, their sample glass vial is perfect to stick in a pocket. It gets cold in Minnesota and it makes long hair stick out like I'm touching an electric ball. I'm just every impressed with BB's Thickening line up and this one hasn't failed me and I'm nearly done with my jar, just like my can of the Dryspun. If you have very fine blond long hair, these have worked incredibly well for me if you are careful on how much you use. And the other thing is, they also layer very well with other BB products.

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on 7/11/2013 7:15:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

The Thickening Crème Contour is a new addition to the Bumble and Bumble thickening range. I have long, fine, wavy hair that goes naturally into a side part sort of retro style. A few months ago I got chin length bangs that I sweep to the heavy side of my part. I don't feel like using hairspray or heavy products, but just wanted to gently encourage my bangs to stay off my face and stick with the rest of my hair. Also, I wanted some frizz control and something that would hold my style without weighing down my fine hair. I did a ton of research, and finally bought the crème contour online.

It is a very small jar, but I think that is alright because you only need a small amount. The smell is quite strong, but dissipated once it was on my hair. I take out a little scoop (quarter sized or less) and rub it between my hands. I then smooth it through all of my hair. Then, I gently push my hair into the style I want it to stay in.

I am actually really impressed with this product. It holds gently and adds some density and volume to my hair, which is exactly what I expected.

This is not a thickening product in itself, since you use it on already styled hair, but I found it actually does give some thickness to my hair.

Maybe there are better (and cheaper) products for doing what I want, but this seems really good. And if you have retro pin-up hair, either by nature or by design, this seems like a good cream to use for shaping your waves and style.

EDIT: After using this for awhile I have to lower the rating and say I wouldn't repurchase. It is just not foolproof enough. If you use even a little bit too much, your hair looks greasy, stringy, dirty, and flat. It is too hard to get the amount you use down to such an exact science and, for the price (almost $30) I just don't think you should have to work so hard to make a product perform how it should.

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