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a year ago

I read a review that said this smells like the inside of the antique ships in Mystic. It does, first on, have that old clipper ship smell, but the vanilla bit of this fragrance smells more like dirty skin on me, a very 'body' type of vanilla that I find extremely off-putting. It dries down finally to a more woody vanilla that is quite nice, but the middle section I dislike. Overall, not bad, but not for me and I agree with the other two reviewers here that if you like vanilla, you may not like this. Strange

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7 years ago

"7 BILLION HEARTS is blended from very fine Vanilla absolutes from Tahiti and Madagascar with a base composed of smoky resinous notes. As the perfume warms on the skin, the vanilla slowly emerges through a veil of smoke. The effect is enticing, warm and delicious." I tend to love vanilla and think that CBIHP makes some wonderful, unique fragrances, so I was super excited to finally get my sample of 7 Billion Hearts. I was tempted to just order a full size based on the description, but I'm lucky that I ordered only the sample, because it's honestly pretty lackluster on me. This is a cloying, musty vanilla with an undertone of cola-ish, syrupy resins on my skin. I actually don't find it to be very smoky. It's so sweet on me that it gives me a headache after a while and just winds up smelling really cheap (which it isn't, obviously). And I am a fan of sweet, gourmand fragrances, but this one is too much and actually turns somewhat plasticy smelling on me. There's also a weird mustiness to the scent that reminds me of dirty feet & old clothes at first, and then is very much like a peppery, dry patchouli after about 20 minutes of wear. 7 Billion Hearts mostly just smells very flat, simple, and sickly sweet to me with a weird waxy/plasticy quality to it and a smidge of dirtiness that I don't care for. I was surprised by how cheap it actually smells on me, as I was expecting a decadent, expensive smelling vanilla. You can definitely find better super-sweet vanillas and super-sweet vanillas + sweet myrrh fragrances at a much lower price point.

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7 years ago

Christopher Brosius’s I Hate Perfume line definitely has some love it or hate it fragrances in it and 7 Billion Hearts is no exception. I know some perfumistas have raved about this one. A grown up vanilla, they say. The vanilla for vanilla haters. Well, seeing as I have nothing against vanilla – and indeed, some of my favorite fragrances feature the note – I probably shouldn’t have expected to like this one. Yet somehow I was hoping, hoping…and how many of us have experienced that feeling on this endless fragrance quest we’re on? Wanting to love something you secretly are pretty certain you won’t? Wanting that one in a hundred surprise love? Yeah, it’s what keeps me sniffing. But back to 7 Billion Hearts. It’s hardly a vanilla. It’s a big cloud of smoky resin. I know some people will love it but to me it smells like a headshop on fire. No. Just, no.

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