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5 years ago

I was looking for a pencil so I could have a nice smudged line without gel. This pencil doesn't drag which was my biggest problem with pencils- I don't want wear and tear on my eyes! It really does glide on. I've tried most Sephora brands except Urban Decay, and this cheap little thing beat them in my experience. It didn't come off, or fade much by the end of 16 hrs. It comes off in the shower easily. Problems: it doesn't smudge easily on my stays exactly where I sit it or comes off unevenly. Also I hate sharpening, but at least it doesn't break.

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5 years ago

This is one of the best pencil eyeliners I've bought. I live in a very warm and humid climate and have oily lids. For reference UD 24 hour liner lasted about 20 minutes before smudging. I had given up on pencil liner for waterline. (Rimmel dried up in the pencil casing and broke almost immediately) I usually only use NYX liquid liner on the top lid and nothing on the bottom/waterline/tight line. This liner has not smudged and does not bother my sensitive eyes. So far, it is the best pencil eyeliner I've found.

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7 years ago

I wanted to like this liner. It goes on very smoothly. It has a creamy texture which makes putting it on a dream. However, that same creaminess is also its downfall in my mind. I've used many different primers with this- NARS, Too Faced and UDPP. I let it set yet every time, yes, every time the liner transferred to the upper part of my eye and it faded and smudged within a hour or two of putting it on. Very disappointing!

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