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3 years ago

Gets oily,but i like how it has +++ which prevents tanning by sunray

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SkinCombination, Fair-Medium, Warm

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4 years ago

About me: NW13-20 (neutral-cool toned, very fair), dark gray- blue eyes, Color season is True Summer, Baumann Skin Type is OSPW/DSPW. I purchased and used this sunscreen for a year and half. I would say it has the consistency of a liquid lotion and often felt cold on my skin. At first, I thought it was matte, but the more I used it, I actually felt it did not dry down well. I could tell that it was sitting on my skin, even after I put on my makeup. My forehead would get dewy after 6 hours. I liked this sunscreen for the price and the high SPF and PA+++. I was hoping this would be an HG, but I just get too greasy throughout the day.

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7 years ago

I have been testing this sunscreen for abut three weeks now and I am very pleased. I was only familiar with the very matte, milk-type Japanese sunscreens and this is something a bit different. This is more of a lotion-y gel - similar in texture to Clinique's DDMG. It's definitely moister than the usual milk SS. It's light and refreshing, not heavy or greasy. It takes a little while to dry down on my face and when it does, it's a moister, more velvety matte finish. It doesn't control oil that way the milk SS, do. It doesn't make me oily or greasy - it just doesn't have the mattifying, drying effect. There's no white cast whatsoever and after it dries down, there's not really any shine, either. This is also not bulletproof, like some of the other milk SS can be. It's not water proof, and I don't think it would hold up to heavy sweating. It does hold up over the course of a normal day very well, including the drive home in a hot car. I think this is marketed to be a more urban, daily-wear type of SS and it's very well suited for that. I can't say if it NEEDS an oil cleanser or not because that's all I use, but I suspect that it may wash off with just a regular cleanser. Sun protection seems to be good, although I haven't REALLY put it through those paces yet. It's SPF 50/PA++++, with protection coming from Tinosorb S, Uvinul A, Octinoxate and Parasol SLX. I do not know the percentages of each filter. It comes in a big (for Japanese SS) 80g tube. The price is very reasonable - until you get to the international shipping...I hope to see it on some of the more accessible asian skincare sites soon.

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