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Package Quality: 4.5

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Medium, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

Being 45 you need all the help you can get, right?
Decided to try these mostly to try and encourage my hair to grow back, which over the years had fallen out due to age & stress, and never really regrew (I'm very gentle with my hair for that reason. The worst thing I do to it is highlights). Tried many other vitamins and hair growth supplements, but the hair that re-grew with those was basically fluff, not thick individual hairs, like I had lost. My diet was excellent (not a vegetarian), no smoking or drinking, sunscreen user throughout my life,and was otherwise in great health.
I figured, since hair and nails are made of collagen, perhaps a collagen supplement was worth a try. The fact that it was also supposed to help skin/wrinkles from the inside, was a bonus, if it was going to happen.

I've now been taking NeoCell for nearly 9 months, 2 tabs x 2 times a day, 1/2 hr before meals, on an empty stomach, with at least half a glass of water. I've probably missed a few days here and there, but overall stuck with it.

Hair - growing back, as thick as the existing hairs, resulting in more volume. I swear my highlights are taking twice as long to put in due to the extra volume, I'm sure my hairdresser will start charging me more soon!

Skin - No major wrinkles to start off with, but noticed a tightening effect overall. Skin not as "papery", especially around the eyes. Seems to have added some facial volume, even to lips. Overall plumper looking, not dry looking skin.

Nails - well, this was a surprise. Nails had started splitting and peeling (natural), and nothing was helping, not EPO tabs, nor changes in varnish remover or nail polish formulas.
I'd say the peeling/splitting has diminished by 80%. I've always used gloves when cleaning & dishes, etc, and keep some sort of varnish on most times.

And the biggest surprise was the improvement in my joint (large toes in particular) pain in my feet, which I used to get after wearing high heels. It was something I took as a given, it's the price we seem to have to pay for wearing heels, right?
Well, this winter the wearing of my beloved heeled boots does not seem to cause me any pain any more, as they had last winter. All I can put it down to is that the collagen/cartlige between the joints in my feet/toes has been replenished, which is what these collagen supplements were invented for, in the first place.

I know there are other collagen supplements out there, some based on animal collagen, but I believe they would mess with the cholesterol levels in our blood, so I would not recommend them. The fish collagen doesn't.

Overall, I can't think of any negatives to mention, except make sure you take the capsules with plenty of water, to ensure they dissolve properly and so you don't get that nasty, "fishy" aftertaste, especially on an empty stomach!

UPDATE: March 2015
WoW! Just re-read my review...I can't remember what joint pain feels like due to heels anymore, it just doesn't happen these days. Nails are hard (but flexible) and strong, growing fast, no more splitting/peeling. Hair is growing nicely, proper thick individuals hairs, not "fluff", skin is plump again. To be fair, I need to mention that I've also been taking Evening Primrose Capsules (1000mg concentration/cap). Although, I've been taking those for decades daily, and still had nails splitting & thin hair (fluff).

Recently had a general blood test, cholesterol levels are perfect & not affected in any way, but I will drop the EPO supplement and take up Cod Liver Oil instead, due to low Vitamin D levels. CLO is also meant to be beneficial to hair/nails/skin. 'Hope I won't be turning into "Cousin It" from the Adams Family.....LOL!

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I heard collagen may help getting rid of wrinkles by increasing the collagen layer in the skin. I actually first heard about a Japanese Collagen drink though: Kinohimitsu J'pan Colagen Drink. I researched it for months, but found out it was just way too expensive to ship internationally to where I live. Months later I found and I bought a bottle of 120 capsules of these capsules at instead. There are several different collagen capsules at iherb, but after some research I found that studies confirms that fish collagen worked for boosting collagen, but not mammal (ex. bovine) collagen. The molecules of mammal derived collagen are too big to actually be taken up and used. This is the only type of collagen iherb had that was derived from fish. The reviews on other types of collagen were actually better, but I think I'll just do what science recommends. As far as I understood, there were no studies that had confirmed for sure that dietary hyaluronic acid (HA) could be taken up and used as is in our body. Only something about "Oral administration of HA may improve the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis in patients aged 70 years or younger when combined with the quadriceps strengthening exercise.". I think the training-part may be what contributes most.
I'm only 22, so I don't really have much wrinkles, but I think prevention is better than trying to get rid of them later. I only had was some lines on my forehead and some wrinkles around my eyes (which is something most people have).
I had no hope of actually getting rid of the eye-wrinkles - that's because of the shape of my eyes and because of smiling - the wrinkles will always be there. However, I have been trying to get rid of the forehead lines for about a year (with anti-aging serums, creams, acids..), and this product did that in about 2 weeks! The lines wouldn't budge, no matter what I applied to my face, but they are now completely gone. I'm a bit sad for not taking a "before and after"-picture, but I will search my camera and try to find some pictures anyway so I can show you the result. I also noticed that my "angry-lines"/11's are gone!
Cons: capsules are a bit sticky on the outside - swallow them fast with lots of water. Sometimes I feel a little nauseous in the morning a little after taking the pills. But: bottom line: this works! I don't know how much it will work if you actually have a lot of wrinkles, but it did give me a pretty good result very fast :)
If you want this or something else at If you're a first time customer, you can use my coupon code JUZ808 and get a discount of $5 (if shopping for less than $40) or $10 (if shopping for more than $40). If you have products for more than $30 you can just go ahead and find something for $10 more - with the discount it won't cost you any more. The site may look a bit cheap, but it hasn't disappointed me before. This product will have an expiration date printed on. Mine expires in 2015.
I also want to say how the code works: if you use it, I get a small percentage of the price you paid. People earn money when you use their code. If you feel strongly negative about this, you can use iherb's own code ABC123, and only iherb will earn money from your buy.
I have also noticed that my stretchmarks have flattened out quite a bit.. anctally: I can see them a little bit (the colour is slightly lighter than my skin), but I almost can't feel them! I didn't think about it before yesterday, when I showered and put some body lotion on (not something I do often), and noticed that my butt, thighs and hips felt somehow smoother...! If you're wondering why I didn't feel it while showering - I use shower gloves to soap my body in, so I don't actually feel my skin that often :P Stretch marks aren't small lines on forehead - they actually had some depth! I didn't even think about this when buying the pills, but since I'm actually taking them orally, they will improve the skin all over my body. I also googled stretch marks and oral collagen, and it seems to be a known thing that may help :)
At his point I just really really wonder how much more these pills can do, and if the results will last even if I stop taking them. Well, well, I will be updating this review the next months if I notice any other big changes in my skin :) In the mean time, I would recommend people that have deep stretch marks to try this - it may make them better! :) It would be cool to test out these on my boyfriend as he actually has some pretty deep stretch marks (they make his butt all ridgy), but I doubt he would agree :P UPDATE: boyfriend didn't agree on being a test subject, but I have bought one of these for my mother and she will begin to take them already from tomorrow off and report back about the results :)
UPDATE: this helps a little against my cellulite. I'm generally lucky in that regard though: I don't think my family is predisposed to it. I don't know if a person with a lot of it will notice a difference - what is 50 % reduction for me may only be 5-10 % reduction for others. Cellulite is unevenly distributed fat though, so I don't quite know why there is a reduction in cellulite - maybe the skin is just a little tighter and plumper and gives smoother look because of that...?
UPDATE 01. May 2013: the wrinkles around my eyes have actually reduced a little bit :) I was always looking at the thin wrinkles going almost down to my cheekbone, which are still there, but the wrinkles I had right under my lower lashline are actually only half as deep as they were before!
UPDATE 30. May 2013: My skin feels a little more plump and I really like this result - I will order more of these :)

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