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3 years ago

Initially I left a very bad feedback for this and other Perricone products but by using them for long time I must admit that I achieved a firm improvement of the skin and the sagging around the jawline has almost disappeared. They are expensive but worth some money, do not expect immediate results, they will come by the time!

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5 years ago

First on the docket, I am not a Perricone addict, in point of fact very few things in this line are "game changers' as so voluminously exalted by the rep on QVC, Dana, but this cream has been a miracle worker. My hand to god this REALLY does lift and tone the face. I use a tiny amount on my face, eyes, throat and the all important jaw line, so yet another item in my arsenal comprised of Laszlo, Tatcha, and some Elysee. Just make sure you really work it into your skin, starting from center and working up and out and ditto with to jawline, I use the heels of my hands and really push it into the skin going up and behind to my ears pushing it up and in and the same thing to my temples of my face. If you try it and fall in love with you can often find the $240 tube on Ebay for $80-120 and the tube lasts easily 6 months and almost eight months. Is it worth $240? Not in my opinion, but if you can find the aforementioned Ebay deal then give it a shot.

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7 years ago

Purchased the Neuropeptide facial Cream late one night while still up watching QVC. Ugh. Expensive mistake! Smells like a combo of dead animal with dead old fish mixed in. Used the nauseating product religiously for 1 month 2x a day. Saw no resuts. Actually made my pores look bigger & skin saggier. Will never buy again. So many other superior products out there where you can see improvement on your skin for a lot less $$$$!!!!!!

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