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7 years ago

This is a great color combination for everyday wear. It is budget friendly, and works very well with my skin tone as well as with pretty much every outfit. This can be used as a subtle, natural look but can also be smeared on a bit more for a dramatic look. It's stopped me in my tracks several times while I prowled the makeup aisles of target, looking for deals. Every time I pick it up, thinking how good it would beI realize I already have this color. I pretty much wear it every day. The one gripe I have is that the packaging is terrible. The cheap, plastic case breaks rather easily, and the tips that come in the packaging aren't that great either. Not a big deal though, since the tips are easily replaceable. But then again, it is a cheap, drugstore product so for what it's priced, I think this is a great product. 5/5 always recommend. I will probably keep using it even as I get older. It does not look cheap, but decent. The other colors of this line works great too. It's cool, because I can collect lots of different colors.

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7 years ago

I got this on clearance for a dollar, not realizing it was very similar to Urban Decay's Honey (gold), Scratch (copper) and Underground (chocolate), which I already had in the Deluxe Shadow Box. Since I already had better quality versions of ALL of these colours, I haven't worn them as eyeshadow and so don't know if they crease or fade, or if the package would stand up to being knocked around in my purse. It is standard plastic drugstore packaging with a cheap sponge-tip applicator that I would recommend you dispose of and replace with a travel-size brush. There is a small but readable graphic on the back showing you to apply the gold over the entire lid up browbone, copper on the lid, and chocolate in half of the crease. It's nice that even budget brands are showing you how to get 'the look'. The colors all work together and provide a complete eye (especially since if you put the brown on wet it would make a nice eyeliner). The gold and copper go on sheer but are buildable, and the chocolate is surprisingly pigmented. Being metallics the shadows are shimmery, but there's no glitter. I have used the gold as a highlighter (close to the highlighter from the Nars Foreplay palette - wow, everyone has a version of this colour out right now) and a setting powder for lipstick, to give some on-trend metallic tint. But, that I bought these colours twice in two months without realizing it, says a lot about how gorgeous they are. In a pinch the gold could even be amped up for an evening look. While the Urban Decay versions of these colours are silkier and much more pigmented, Maybelline gives you a wallet-friendly alternative if you're on a budget or just want to try the look before you shell out for the pricier version.

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