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2 months ago

I used this today and I realized I must review it. I got it because of MaquillageObscura.blogspot.com, where she recommended it for medium skintones. (Check out her post on Fab Four Ben Nye eyeshadows to see what I mean). It is a beautiful shade, it can serve as a liner, or lid, or contour (lid) for a darker look (eg eggplant on lid, this for crease blended out). It blends very well (but not blending away the colour). This does need a good brush (like most actual pro shadows)--it is just so pigmented that any poor quality brush or application can leave smudgy unevenness. However, unlike bad quality but pigmented stuff (Viseart original matte palette) it doesn't become muddy/lose actual colour from blending. With less pigmented stuff you don't have to worry about blending as much (e.g, Chanel can go on with sponge tips, being so ultra-sheer). Yet you do need to build the less pigmented shadows up a billion times, so often the 'effect' is lost for all the building up. This is more efficient, it can make makeup application faster and smoother. It did take me some time to learn how to work with these shades, as I was used to easier things like MAC (which never gave me the exact depth and effect I wanted) and Dior. Once I learned, I realized these shadows lay on more smoothly since you're not bothering about building up many times over, so they last better. If you know the little tricks to work with very pigmented shades, this will work for you. Here are some examples of 'tricks' : neutral shadow or translucent powder for a base lid shade prior to colours added. Dabbing and blending in circular motions. This is better quality than Viseart, in my opinion.

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7 years ago

Mmmm.... Twilight Sable is like the shade of rich deep dark chocolate. Really nicely pigmented and great for a smokey eye. Ben Nye mattes are smooth and just a tiny bit powdery which helps make them easy to blend. It does seem like the lighter shades are the most powdery and the deeper ones less so, but still, as far as mattes go, easy to work with. For reference, Twilight Sable is deeper than Espresso and Rich Suede, but not as dark as Black Brown, though still very dark.

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