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5 years ago

I bought this to give my hair a break from the straightening iron. a BIG mistake, the brush fried my hair, it is metal underneath de bristles. It gave me a fringe without cutting, and have had to cut it 30 cm to have it look decent again.

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6 years ago

Beliss is a knock-off of Babyliss. Don't waste your money on a fake, wannabe. Get the real thing. You'll never see a hairstylist using Beliss. If they do...you need to find a better stylist.

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7 years ago

There is a similar product available in US under the brand "Conair Infiniti" hot air brush , In other parts of the world It's known as the Babyliss Big Hair -It's the one with black/blue handle in the pics above ...However , the one I have is " Beliss 2735E " It's the same innovative rotating hair brush plus 3 more AMAZING attachments and an excellent black bag for storing , even better it's 1000 watt whereas the big hair is 700 watt ...and the one I have , has a cool air button ...So , I think got myself the best deal :) Why then the 4 lippies , this product is really amazing but the star of the show (the big rotating brush) has weaker bristles than I have expected ...It comes with a special plastic cover to protect them but for so careful people like me , it still needs some kind of a "handle " to put in while using ...Also , I am not sure about continuous use , some people complained about :"it stopped rotating " after a lot of use ..(check the big hair reviews on MUA )..But the attachments are just wonderful and they compansate greatly for this issue ..They are : 1- A ceramic comb for straightening , with an adjustable head for any hair texture (4 settings ) ..It's easy to use and eliminates frizzing which can usually happen with simple blow drying . 2- A nozzle to concentrate air flow , and you can use this with any kind of brush and get different results . 3- A static , sturdy brush ..longer bristles with very good size & quality . 4 - Finally , a chic good quality black bag . I have posted pics of the attachments & brush . My hair is very long & thick ..almost straight but extremely dry and frizzy ..This product gives me decent results with the rotating brush due to my inexprienced hand with hair styling & thick hair ..But I think it would give A+ results for someone with shorter hair or not so frizzy one ,once you get the hang of it . For the other attachments they are simply great and give me the results I exactly need . Besides , experimenting a bit with them can give even better styles :) I have another review on "the Big Hair " one if you want to check it out ..I hope that was useful .

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