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Package Quality: 4.0

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Package Quality: 4.0

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on 11/22/2012 3:48:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

UPDATE 07 May 2014:
I have tried this again, after colouring my hair with regular dyes about 5 times. Because the water where I live has a bit of copper (the actual metal), my hair took on a slightly green tinge I didn't like, so I tried this henna again. It did hold up as well then, but the colour was yellow copper rather than red copper :/ It DID cover up the green well though, it's just that yellow isn't pretty either

I coloured my hair with this maybe he 10.27.2012 and it's now 11.22.2012. I can say that the colour hasn't faded much for me at all, and it still has those nice red tones to it. I wash my hair every other day. I can add that I use sulphate-free shampoos though, so that may or may not have helped. I've also gotten used to the colour and like it more than initially :) I will suggest this to other people that want to use henna on their hair as I like it a lot. I may try out other colour - maybe mix some so I can get the strawberry tome back to my hair at some point ;]
If you want to see the different colours available and their result, see this link:
From my experience, the colour I chose, copper, is not as red as in the pictures, but actually copper - orange like real redheads.
Before colouring, my hair was what I would call a mid strawberry brown (cool-toned brown with a little bit of pink, red and orange tones). Unfortunaely, especially the ends of my hair were getting brassy yellow tones because of the bleach in the dye I used.
I kept this in my hair for 40 minutes. My hair went from a mid-brown to a little darker chestnut-brown with strong copper tones when seen under right light. In artificial light it looks a little more copper, but very much more red when in daylight. I would say it's as red as one can go with dark hair without it lookin unnatural. If you want more red tones than copper, I would suggest mixing copper with red.
I've most of my life liked to have natural-looking red-orange tones in my hair, but it's not easy to find hairdyes that don't make the hair too red or purple or wash out and make it look brassy... which is one of the reasons I like to use henna colour and not regular dye - it gives me the most natural colours and because there is no bleach in it, my hair doesn't end up with brassy yellow tones when the colour washes away.
The other reason I like to colour my hair with henna is because it improves the condition of my hair instead of damaging, like regular dyes. After colouring with this my hair become so shiny and healthy looking! When I test-coloured a strand of hair, and one could actually already then see that it was more shiny than the rest of my hair.
I liked this better than he regular henna I used before:
- regular powdered henna is granular and I absolutely hate to have to wash all of the grains out of my hair after.
- I like the smell of his much better.
- there are more colours than most regular hennas often have
- this should wash out over time - many regular hennas are quite permanent, and the more you colour your hair, the more colour is deposited in it, which makes your hair darker over time. No, no, you won't get very dark hair, but for a person like me, who likes to have their hair not too dark, gradual darkening is annoying. Therefore, I prefer this dye, which will wash out over time - I like to be able to return to my old colour at some point, and preferably without using bleach. I know a girl that coloured her hair with henna a couple of years ago, and you can still clearly see the colour (yes, real henna is very permanent). I do not want to go through that.
If your hair is longer than shoulder length, you may need more than 1 bottle of this dye - I, luckily, need only 1 bottle for my about 14 inches long hair, which I wouldn't call dense .
I will update this review later, about how long the colour lasts.
For those who like the beneficial effects henna gives, but don't want any additional colour, iherb actually has colourless henna.
If you're one of those people that like natural remedies for your hair, you should also check out amla if you haven't before:
- amla shampoos can be great for people with grey (or other coloured) hair that want to get colour with every wash instead of colouring their hair, waiting, then colouring the re-growth.
- amla can restore waves straighten out by henna and some other treatments. See here:
... I guess you can just search it up if you're interested :]
I bought this from for about $9 for 70 mL (about 2.3 oz). If you want to shop on this site and you're a first time buyer, you can save a little bit of money by using the code JUZ808 and get $5-10 off your first order. $5 if shopping for anything under $40 and $10 if shopping for over $40. If you have shopped for a little under $40, I would suggest buying some tiny thing and get those $10 off :)

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