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7 years ago

So I got this from my Nana who loves this brand I only tried one of there products and it was ok but I figured when she gave me this eye serum I would try it because I was in dire need of an eye treatment since I use crazy products on my eyes ie, primers,glittery shadows, and hard to remove mascara's. My eyes were feeling haggard so I decided to give it a shot. It comes in a small cheap plastic bottle with a blue top and it has a roller to dispense the oil. I actually love how easy it rolls on though a pump would have been more hygienic. It's a clear oil and it feels very soft and light on the eye area. I do not have crows feet or wrinkles near my eyes so I cannot say how it works on wrinkles. What I can say is how amazing my eyes look and feel. After I wash my face at bedtime I put this on to protect my eyes from any Retin A should it get near them. It sinks in beautifully and my under eye area has no circles or rough skin. I was getting a little rough patch on my eyelid and you could see it if I was too heavy handed with my shadow. Now it's gone and my eyes feel so soft and smooth. Putting on my UD primer and shadows now my eyes are able to handle my daily onslaught of eye shadows. I use this every night and I really think it's paying off. My eyes have no red veins and I used to get like one broken capillary under my eye well not any more. I feel this is protecting and preserving my eyes. I didn't think this stuff would work but it does. I will not be repurchasing this and the only reason is because I am going to buy some facial Argan oil I don't think it needs to be brand to work. I am very satisfied and recommend Argan oil for a eye treatment. I just think a health food or beauty supply you can get a similar product so unless you order from this line all the time I would say get it. Because mine was a gift I think I will look for something similar elsewhere.

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